NatureBox Taste Test

Subscription boxes are EVERYWHERE these days. But are they worth it? What are they all about anyways? I'm here to help you out on your subscription box journey.

I've tried all sorts of food subscription boxes. Graze Box, Vegan Box, Nature name a few. They are all different but in one sense they are all very similar: they serve quality snacks to you monthly.

Nature Box is different because you can actually pick out the snacks you get and the amount of snacks you get. You get large portions, compared to boxes like Graze. It's well worth it in that case, but it's more expensive which turns people off. You're getting 5 large sized bags for $20/month which is quality in my opinion, especially considering the health within each bag...but most people, including myself, would rather shop at a grocery store.

Regardless, I did a quick taste test of the snacks I received. 

Guacamole Bites:
Oddly enough, they did taste like guacamole. I don't know if it was just my batch, but my tastebuds caught weird undertones of banana that made it hard to consume. Basically, it's like guacamole flavored fritos.
Taste profile: overly seasoned, banana undertones, inconsistent, corn chip, dry ramen noodle texture
Overall review: 4/10

Jalapeño and White Cheddar Popcorn:
This is the best jalapeño-based popcorn I've ever had. Not powdery and not made from fake ingredients. They use real dehydrated jalapeño flakes so it's actually spicy. The popcorn is the perfect texture and comes in full pieces. Absolutely DELICIOUS. It's like jalapeño poppers or a jalapeño cheese pretzel in popcorn form, literally.
Taste profile: piquant, peppery, smoky, full-bodied
Overall review: 10/10

Left to right: Guacamole bites, Sunflower kernels, Cashews, Popcorn.

Cheddar and Onion Sunflower Kernels:
Sunflower kernels you actually want to eat! They have something addicting about them. Similar to cheddar and onion potato chips, but with way more nutritional value.
Taste profile: bold, well balance of cheddar and onion, earthy.
Overall review: 8/10

Sriracha crusted cashews:
I think I got a bit too excited when I saw the word "sriracha." I didn't taste the sriracha AT ALL. In fact, it just tasted like a normal cashew to me.
Taste profile: bland, chalky, more of a light BBQ than a sriracha, lacking salt.
Overall review: 3/10