How To Change The World (By Just Existing)

Everyone is pressured to change the world and "make their mark." Little do we know, we make a mark on this world every single day just by simply existing and interacting with other living, and even non-living things.

Not every person is going to be on a piece of currency, or hold a high posistion of fame or power. Not every single person is going to be able to donate millions to every big charity. Yet every single person is still pressured to make it to the top. And if we're all at the top, would it be considered the top anymore?

I've been feeling this immense sense of pressure every since I was in middle school and as I slide into "adulthood," I feel it even more. It's like this metaphorical clock is over my head telling me to be productive and change the world. And if I don't meet my own expectations, I feel terrible about myself.

But I do change the world by existing, and so do you. It's the truth of things, and we need to stop pressuring ourselves. I mean, personally, I've achieved a lot in my life and I don't give myself enough credit for it.

If I feel in my soul that I have a calling, a duty, a mission, or passion, I will do EVERYTHING in my being to achieve that. However, I realize, it's quite unrealistic and silly to expect one person to change the world. The way society defines "change the world" is unrealistic as well. It's not always about having a plethora of money and making an impact on large groups of people all at once. It's about existing, and using your existence to DO THINGS. Some of you will make a positive impact on the world and some of you will make a negative impact on the world. Most of us will do both. Regardless, we each leave a footprint on this earth. Never forget that.

So, how do you change the world and leave your mark by just existing? Here's how:

1. Realize not everything will go in your plan.
You may have always had a dream of having kids and then found out you're not fertile. Maybe you always wanted to become a painter but you're not finding opportunities anywhere. Perhaps you wanted to go to Harvard but you can't afford it or you couldn't get in. This happens and that doesn't mean your life is over. Plans change. Life changes. Things are inconsistent and THAT'S OKAY. Not everything will go in your plan, however, that never stopped my happiness. We have so many passions within us and we don't need to do it in front of a large audience to be happy.

2. Acknowledge your victories, big and small.
Sometimes, I'll write a few pieces, go to work, clean the apartment and go to an audition all in one day and I still feel like I need to do more. Can you imagine what I feel like on days where I just relax? This is a problem. Acknowledge your victories. Yay! You took out the trash. Congrats, you emailed people back! WOW, you got accepted into college. Some psychologists will disagree with this way of life, but I think it's necessary to be happy.

3. Remember, everything you do affects something or someone, and that circle never ends.
You affect every person you interact with. And they affect every person they interact with. It's always fun to think what you could've been the cause of. It's even more rewarding to know you're the cause of something beneficial. I think back to the conversations I've had with people of my past, and when I look at them now, I know those conversations affected them. I wonder what my words and actions did in the long-term.

4. Put your all into your life, your work, and your relationships.
Your life, work, and relationships may not be giving you all it's attention, but who cares. Give all you can and you will find it benefits you in the long run. You may hate your job or your marriage, but you're still in it. You can either leave or continue hating it. That's up to you. But personally, I like to try to enjoy everything. We've all dealt with jobs and people we didn't particularly like, but what's the point of feeding into that hatred more? Flip burgers with a smile. Be civil with your ex. Compromise with your roommates. Call your grandmother. Sit at the office and be the best salesman you can be. Get that bonus! Make friends with your customers. Joke with your coworkers. Just do it. Don't make life a huge series of the same day over and over again. Everyday should feel like a new day.

5. Actually TALK to people.
Yeah, silly this is even on here, right? But it needs to be said. We need to tell people how we feel more often. Talk to your friends, spouse, coworkers, and customers. Not just about logistics. Not small-talk. Have interesting conversations with people. This is how I change the world on a daily basis: by getting to know others. When the grocery store clerk, barista, or retail worker actually says something that doesn't sound like a script, it makes anyone feel good. When your coworkers, friends, or family try to express their care and interest in you, it feels great. Do that to as many people as possible. Your life will change and so will theirs.

6. Whatever you're passionate about, do it.
I don't care if you get paid for it or not, do it! You will bring so much joy to peoples faces by pursuing your passion. Because if it makes you happy, that happiness with radiate throughout the room. Don't do it with pride or for the recognition, do it because you love it.


I'm done with putting unnecessary pressure on myself because I have such high expectations. I can say this humbly and with 100% certainty: I know I've changed the world so far and I'm excited to improve the world more. With my words, my writing, my actions, and by simply existing. I know anyone can do the same. Everything we do affects the world...think about that. Everyday when you get out of bed, think of that. "Everything I do today affects the world." Make it count, as Jack Dawson said.