Fox Tuesdays Review: Scream Queens, The Grinder, & Grandfathered

Last night, I attended an advanced screening of the new Fox shows coming out this September. The three shows they were showing us were Scream Queens, The Grinder, and Grandfathered. I went in with very little knowledge of the three shows other than the basic promotion they've been showing the public. You know me by now, I critique TV shows like it's my job. a sense, it is part of my job. I enjoyed all three shows overall, but let's get into the details, shall we?

Scream Queens:
This show has a lot of hype. Here's why.
You're bringing a lot of star power. Infact, you're bringing in two current huge popstars, Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande. Then you're bringing the ever-so aesthetically pleasing pretty yet rebloggable Emma Roberts in. So, American Horror Story, right? The iconic Jamie Lee Curtis to make things seem more legit? Then...wait for it. Glee's very own Lea Michele with another Nickelodeon broadway sweetheart Keke Palmer?

There's way too many recognizable faces for the pilot of a TV show you're trying to market as new. That's the thing. It's not new. It's Ryan Murphy mixing American Horror Story, Glee and Pitch Perfect with current aspects from tumblr culture.

Everything from the acting to the fashion was over the top. There were some parts I laughed and some parts I enjoyed. And sadly, because of the star power, the show will succeed.

It's a predominantly white show. The worst part: every single person who isn't white is there to cheer the white people on and be their token ethnic friend. Keke Palmer's character was incapable of saying nothing but "Yasss girl! You go girl. Get em girl. Slay girl! Wow girl." I mean, really Ryan Murphy? Why does every black woman character you create turn into the sassy, independent token black friend?

Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande's scenes were humorous and they probably got paid a lot to be in the show, but I really didn't see the point of casting them other than to get more views. I know the game Ryan Murphy plays and I'm not buying it anymore.

This show was filled with stolen jokes from online comedians, racist and offensive comments, unrealistic casting and acting, and a cheap storyline.

If you're making a show about teenagers in 2015, stop saying sentences like "OMG I NEED TO BE POPULAR. I'm going to date a popular guy! I need to be the queen bee!" No one talks like that.

This show is built on the whole tumblr culture of being a crazy bad bitch and hating basic bitches. It's pathetically cheap and trashy. I will watch Scream Queens when it's on Netflix mostly for Lea Michele, but until then..

Should you watch it? The first episode, only to keep up with pop culture and to see if you like it. But hey, if you miss it..don't worry about it. It's a show that would do better on Netflix, anyways.
When does it air? September 22 at 9:00 on FOX.

The Grinder:
To be honest, this show didn't seem that interesting at first. An actor that plays a lawyer and an actual real life lawyer are brothers. Okay, clever enough. But what next? What would make me want to catch up with the show all season long?

Rob Lowe and Fred Savage make a perfect team as brothers and bounce off of each other quite well. Rob Lowe's character is very similar to his character in Parks and Rec which makes him even more lovable.

In retrospect, The Grinder probably would've been better as a film. Within one episode, you saw two main characters completely change heart and an entire case be solved. There was really no conflict and nothing that made me want to watch episode 2.

Should you watch it? If you're into law shows, it's a good parody of that. And if you like dad shows, sure. But like I said before, while the show is hilarious, I just don't see people wanting to watch it constantly.
When does it air: Tuesday night, September 29.

Starring John Stamos and Josh Peck AKA every millennial persons' childhood. They captured our hearts in Full House and Drake & Josh, and lemme tell ya, they are at it again. To me, this show showed true longevity because there was room for the characters to grow. By the end of the episode, everyone actually wanted more.

It was nice to see a show that wasn't trying too hard to be different. Essentially, it just was. It showed family in an untraditional sense without being all modern family on us.

The comedy was of quality instead of quantity, which I think is important in a pilot. Overdoing it can set a series of high expectations for the rest of the season.

Let me tell you this: I LOVED seeing Josh Peck acting again. His usual quick wit and effortless comedic personality was shining through, yet he still was a believable HUMAN. Also, Lil Wayne made a guest appearance in the first episode. Better than Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas combined.

Grandfathered is a family friendly show that can capture the attention of urban millennials and the elderly living in the countryside. It doesn't target any specific demographic. You may not think to watch Grandfathered this fall, but it's what I recommend out of all 3.

Should you watch it? Yes. Like I said before, it's worth a shot. A comedic show with quality actors we've been dying to see on screen again. I can see people not totally loving it, but I can't see people hating it.
When does it air? Tuesday night, September 29.


Big thanks to Fox for having Pink Chanel Suit attend the screening! We loved it. The popcorn and the Rob Lowe shirts were the best. #foxtuesdaynights