Everything You Need to Know From D23 (New DISNEY Annoucements!)

D23 was intense this weekend in Anaheim, California. We heard more news than we would ever expect..let's just say we cannot wait until 2016/2017. Some of this we already knew, some of it was speculation, and some of it is brand new. With the excessive amount of news we got, it's hard to keep up with it all, even for me.

If you didn't attend the expo or if you haven't been watching the live streaming, you might have some catching up to do. This page is all the major news we heard at D23. The film announcements, the park announcements, and some Kingdom Hearts + Broadway news. Shall we?


  • Moana

    The story of a polynesian princess going across the seas on an epic journey? And she's independent and not super-skinny like most Disney females? ANNND she sings? I'll take it! I am probably most excited for Moana. 
  • Beauty and the Beast (live action)
  • This is the one Disney classic that I think would work wonderfully as a live action film. It worked well on broadway, and with the right makeup and special effects crew? This could be oscar-worthy! Not to mention, Emma Watson is casted as Belle, and Josh Gad is Lefou. Perfect casting or perfect casting? They stated two new songs will be in the film, and by that, I think they mean two songs from the Broadway musical will be added to the film. 
  • Mulan (live action) NOT 100% CONFIRMED
  • This has been in speculation and wasn't confirmed at D23, but most likely is happening. Mulan is a Disney favorite, yet I just feel like a live action would be hard to produce correctly. It's a really inspiring yet comedic film, but when you put real people and real places into it, I think it may be a little to intense. The battles, the training, the fighting and arguments, the time Shang almost killed Mulan, the time Shang found out his father died in the war, the time Mulan swims naked with hundreds of naked men. Seems kind of gruesome to me. Also, there's a debate going on in the film world. Technically, the entire cast SHOULD be Chinese considering that's the only logical explanation, but will Disney follow that? There already is a petition against casting a white actress as Mulan, targeting mostly Emma Stone. We shall see how this goes...let's hope for the best.
  • Dumbo (live action) NOT 100% CONFIRMED
  • Same case as Mulan. Are they going to get a real elephant for this or..? Dumbo is a cute Disney classic, but I'm not sure many people care to relive it. Or to see a live action version.
  • The Jungle Book (live action)
    I'm actually really excited for this, although I still feel like it's an odd move on their part. Lupita Nyong'o is reported to be casted, so this should be pretty awesome.
  • Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass (live action)
    There's not exactly a lot of hype for this, but it will be a good filler film for Disney. People will still see it, I just don't see it having longevity. Great casting though with Anne Hathaway and Johnny Depp.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • JACK SPARROW IS THE PIRATE OF ALL PIRATES. I can't wait to see this. I love everything about this.
  • Gigantic
    A twist on the whole Jack and the Beanstalk fairytale, this should be super cute. We don't know too much about it yet, so I'm excited to see where they take this.
  • The Incredibles 2

    YAAAAAAAAS. This film is GOLD, ABSOLUTE GOLD. Everyone's favorite superhero family is back! This is a much-needed sequel. There's so much more that could happen and we didn't get full closure yet.
  • Toy Story 4
    I'm obsessed with Toy Story, and it ended perfectly with so much closure. Toy Story 4 is apparently a prequel to TS3, and is a love story between Bo Peep and Woody. Interesting...we shall see how it goes.
  • Finding Dory (sequel to Finding Nemo)
    This is a much-needed sequel that actually makes sense, just like Incredibles 2. We all fell in love with Nemo, Marvin and Dory, and I'm so happy we get to see more of them! Can't wait to attend the midnight premiere. Ellen seemed really excited about it too.
  • Coco
  • Focused on a 12 year old boy growing up in rural Mexico, this is a story based on fate and the divide between the living and the dead. A very interesting concept, and I'm really happy to see Disney gaining more diversity. 
  • Cars 3
    In my opinion, this is a bold move. Cars 2 low key flopped and the Disney fandom was not happy about it. Little kids will eat this stuff up...but I don't know if it's good for the longevity of the series.
  • Zootopia 
    A Pixar film about animals living life as humans. They walk on two legs, go to work, and wear clothes. But they still have their animalistic instincts...this seems so cute and is a really interesting concept. I can't wait!
  • The Good Dinosaur
    Seems like another Disney filler movie to me, and it doesn't seem to have much of a concept. Still, I'm gonna see it, obviously.
  • Star Wars: Episode VII


  • Star Wars Land at Disneyland and Disney World currently in production. This is going to be super exciting, although I wish they would focus on some of the Disney films that barely have a mention at all in the park. The photos they showed look INTENSE.
  • Soarin Around the World in Disney World and Disneyland. Similar to Soarin' Over California, but you get to experience sights and scents from all over the world. THIS SOUNDS PERFECT.
  • Hong Kong Disneyland get an Iron Man Experience in 2016!
  • Animal Kingdom in Florida will invite guests into the world of Pandora from AVATAR. The graphics is what excites me the most, although I still find it odd Disney would introduce this. Rides, special guests, shows, and lions. Oh my!
  • There will be a Toy Story land in Disney World! This is going to be exciting. I still think a Pixar world would be a better decision, though. This will have a family-friendly roller coaster, characters, alien saucers attraction, and Toy Story Mania!

VIDEO GAMES: (by video games, I mean Kingdom Hearts.)
The Kingdom Hearts 3 anticipation has been too real and we finally got some more announcements at D23!

  • They confirmed a Big Hero 6 world! Overall, people have been pretty positive about what we've heard so far. Tangled and Big Hero 6? Yes please! Let's hope they bring back some older worlds too.
  • If you attended the panel at D23, you get a King Mickey figure for Disney Infinity. Good for people at the panel, bad for everyone else.
  • In Disney Infinity, the ultimate unlock is Sora's key blade that can be used with all characters. YAY! Now I'm tempted to play Disney Infinity..

Frozen on Broadway
Tangled on Broadway
Both were already kind of announced, but we finally got the confirmation. Can't wait to go to NYC just to see these two masterpieces, especially Tangled! The broadway blogs are always watching these cast lists go down, and I'm sure speculation will rise soon. More to come.