Back to School with Office Depot

Well, the time has come. Summer is slowly drifting away from us and the leaves will be falling before we know it. We are getting our notebooks and pencils out once more, for the 2015-2016 school year has begun.

Honestly, I feel as I got older, I stopped looking at the school supplies lists they provided and started doing my own thing. For example, in high school, each and every teacher wanted you to have your own notebook, folder and binder for each and every class. I didn't like this tactic simply because I found my brain didn't work that way. I just had a HUGE binder / planner for all of my classes, and english and AP US history got a separate folder because those classes usually had the most work.

The first day of high school is a bit overwhelming. You go to school with ten notebooks and binders, a fancy calculator and a huge bag of pencils, and then you come home with seven heavy textbooks. Then, when you're in your senior year, the most important school supplies seem to be headphones, a cozy hoodie to sleep on, and a pack of gum.

And when college comes around, it's like that cycle repeats itself. But when I had my first day of college, I knew what I needed. My laptop? Check. My favorite line of pens? Check. A decent planner, notebook, and to-do list? Got it.

Regardless, everyone finds their pace eventually. They find out what school supplies work best for them and how they want to organize their things. I once knew a kid in high school that literally was the messiest person EVER. He had a bunch of folders with old, crumbly papers falling out of the seams. Yet...he was a straight A student and somehow knew where everything was. See? Everyone has their own way of doing things.

When it comes to school supplies, Office Depot is my absolute favorite. It's great for crayons and glue for the elementary kids, affordable folders and notebooks for the high school and college students, and cute stationary and office supplies for the adults. Everyone in your family can go and get everything they need in one trip instead of traveling all over the place.

My favorite part is not only how affordable it is, but also how easy it is for your to customize what theme or aesthetic you want to incorporate into your school supplies! I chose a Pink Chanel Suit theme. I wanted it to be elegant and pink with undertones of ambition. I knew I could do this because of the variety of styles Office Depot has. They're always up to date with the latest brands and tech.

Here is my Office Depot haul:

To do list from See Jane Work. I always make homemade to-do lists using regular notebook paper, but this is going to help me out a lot. I can balance out all my daily tasks in a simple yet chic way. 
Pastel pink sharpie from Sharpie. Now I can write with pride!

Pink notebook from See Jane Work. It says "you have a way with words" on the front. As a writer and a pink-enthusiast, this caught my eye immediately. From essays to blogposts to taking notes, this journal will be a staple for me.

Glittery pink folder from Divoga. This was a really high quality folder, great for keeping loose papers. Plus, it went perfect with my theme!

All of my supplies in one photo! I feel so excited to get to work and learn with these. I think your school / work supplies can motivate you more if you enjoy them.

My other favorite school supplies? Veggie avocado sushi to fuel up and coffee or tea for those hard Monday mornings. To me, the best way to motivate yourself is to invest in yourself.

Yes, that means eat food and drink you like. Wear things you want. Talk to people you want. Investing in yourself will make you radiate with positivity and start the 2015-2016 school / work year with joy!

School supplies are apart of investing in yourself because it's something you'll be dealing with everyday. That's why I am so happy to be choosing this pink elegant theme from Office Depot and OfficeMax!

Thank you for Her Campus Media and Office Depot, Inc for partnering with Pink Chanel Suit and sponsoring on this post. All opinions are my own.