Autumn Bucket List & Moodboard

This isn't an actual wishlist per-say  but more of a physical manifestation of my autumn bucket list, or at least the aesthetic I want to go for. Here's some things I want to do this fall.

  • Go to Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland. It's WORTH IT. Trick or treating in the park with all the characters in costumes? Yes. Yes. anddddd...yes.
  • Wear a mustard sweater or cardigan. I love the color mustard, especially in the fall. Can't wait to sport my fall mustard peacoat, but a sweater or cardigan would look SO good with my brown combats.
  • Experiment with the strongest and most rustic coffees & teas. This is something I get to do regularly as a barista, however, I want to try new things. A new chai, a coffee from a different region...something different than pumpkin spice. But, we all know I'll be indulging in that too.
  • Go to New York! This probably won't happen because I just moved to California and I'm still technically settling in, but hey, you never know. I would love to go on a business trip here in October or November and get to experience autumn in the city again. And do business, of course.
  • If not New York, perhaps San Fran or something. Just wanna expand my horizons more as usual!
  • Minestrone kale stew + plaid blankets + cuddles + watching Jack Skellington KBYE.
  • Dark lipstick...but we already know that. How many times have I posted about wearing black cherry shades this time of year?
  • Farmers markets! I LOVE going to farmers markets, and I feel like they have a warm, fuzzy feeling in the fall. Kettle corn, pumpkins, regular corn....nom.
  • Let loose within nature like the transcendentalist I am. Obviously, this is a necessity. Maybe I'll bring some Thoreau or Whitman with me.
  • Aside from minestrone kale stew, cook cute fall-themed things! 
  • I have a lot of good ideas for Halloween costumes this year, and I really hope to showcase them well. Will let you know closer to October. Ahhh it's going to be awesome. Better than Meg Griffin and Emoji couple, I promise.
  • Immerse myself in new music, writing, art, etc. And write about it, for you all to see.