12 Things Gamer Girls Are Tired of Hearing

For some peculiar reason, gamer girls get a bad rep. That stereotype is slowly fading as we begin to show men that video games are for all genders, and that females can actually be good at video games. But for now, we still hear these 12 annoying things from our fellow male gamers. Ugh.
​1. Wow, you're actually good!

Yeah, we know. It shouldn't be a surprise.
2. OH MY GOD. She games, isn't that so hot?

Ah, they figured us out! The real reason we play video games is so men find us appealing.

3. Wait...you really play video games? Like, other than Cooking Mama?

Now this is just getting insulting and misogynistic. Please never say that again.

4. Okay. If you're such a 'gamer,' name 50 video games starting with the letter 'W.' Oh, you can't? POSER!

I said I play video games, I never said I memorized the entire history of every game in the world. Next.
5. You look hot in that outfit.

I mean, thanks, I guess..? Maybe you should thank the artist that created it.

6. You're probably just a 12 year old boy pretending to be a girl.

Let's say I am. You're the adult harassing a 12 year old boy. How does that look any better?
7. Ha, whatever. You're probably fat and ugly and *insert every curse word ever here.*

AWWWW, did my virtual rejection hurt you?

8. I went easy on you anyways.

Would you say that to your male peers? Yeah, exactly.
9. HAHA YESSSS I WON! *explodes out of happiness*

You were scared you were going to lose against a girl, for some reason, and now that you won, your masculinity is restored! Yay! Glad I could validate your manhood.

10. Want all my gold? Wanna be my wife? Let me help you win!! Let me level you up!
I love communicating and working with other players, but will not be pitied because of my gender. If you need help though, lemme know.

11. Wait, is this your account? Are you playing on your brother or boyfriends account?
This is ALLLLLL me, baby. And no, I won't accept your friend request.
12. WHAT, NO? How did you win?

Years of experience, passion and skill. Probably just like you.