12 Chipotle Hacks

We all love Chipotle. Wait, let me rephrase that: people with good taste love Chipotle. They are known for their almost-never-changing menu filled with secret recipes that make our hearts soar and our tastebuds beg for more. They make our stomachs full to the brim within minutes, but hours later, we are wanting more again.

Chipotle doesn't have a dollar menu. They don't offer coupons, that often. And there's really no way to hack them, per-say. However, there are certain ways you can save and get more for your dollar without cheating the company. Let's go over it, shall we?

1. Text SIGNUP to 888222. You will then opt in to exclusive texts from Chipotle regarding their occasional promotions and deals. Here's the thing: ALWAYS participate in the contests and games they send you. I've gotten everything from a free sofrita entree with no purchase, to a free drink, to a BOGO. They send you offers when you participate in their texts which ends up being worth it.

2. The "tacos / burrito" on the side trick. We all know when you get a burrito or tacos, the contents of the rest of the ingredients have to fit. Therefore, you're technically getting less for the same price. With no extra charge, you can get tacos or a burrito on the side with your burrito bowl. I usually get 3 tacos and still have plenty left in my bowl. One of the best hacks there is!

3. Go in for Halloween. If you dress up and go to your local Chipotle for Halloween, you'll get a $3 burrito. In the past, they gave out free burritos and did BOGOS, but this past Halloween it was $3. Not bad.

4. It's simple - ask for more. Occasionally, I've left Chipotle with really disappointing burrito bowls that don't even go over the brim. They will charge you for extra meat, most of the time. But I always ask for extra rice and extra corn. No extra charge, and leaves my bowl a lot more fill.

5. Follow them on social media. I've said this earlier, but Chipotle doesn't offer a lot of promotions. However, if they DO, you will find out through twitter, instagram or Facebook.

6. Get a veggie bowl. Listen, omnivores of the world, veggie bowls taste just as good, if not better. You get free guacamole on a veggie bowl (or on the side) and they will tend to give you way more rice / beans / etc. Personally, the free guac is enough for me.

7. On a budget or not so hungry? Get a kids meal. It's a few dollars cheaper, but you only get to put 3 things on your tacos. Yet sometimes, that's all people get. So...not bad.

8. OR...just get rice. You can get a bowl of just rice or just beans (or both!) for anywhere from 80 cents to 2 dollars. It's good for at home recipes or if you're trying to save. Fills you up just as much.

9. Teacher appreciation day. This is for all mah teachers out there! Get a BOGO for you and a loved one. Go ahead, you deserve it.

10. Watch out for coupons in the mail. This is RARE, and I mean RARRRE. But it's possible. Sometimes when a new Chipotle is opening or if they just need some more business, they will send coupons to locals. This has happened to me in three different states so it's possible.

11. The gift card trick. On certain holidays, such as V-day, if you buy a $30 gift card, you get a free burrito. Get the gift card as a gift or for yourself, and enjoy a free burrito. Not bad. $30 only covers a few Chipotle visits anyways.

12. Just be nice, OKAY? The employees will appreciate you more if you appreciate them. Don't order them around and be understanding towards their struggle. I've developed a relationship with some employees and they tend to give you more if you're nicer. If you aren't pleasant, expect an empty bowl.