Why Nicki's Anaconda "Snub" Isn't About Race, Gender, or Size

I love Nicki Minaj. I ALWAYS have. I love Taylor Swift. I ALWAYS have.
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In fact, they are on my list of top 5 favorite artists of all time. I can rap the 'The Pink Print' and I can belt 'Speak Now' (quite off tune) but regardless, I love them both and they have impacted my life greatly.

If you haven't heard by now, Nicki went on a HUGE twitter rant because Anaconda didn't get nominated for 'Video of the Year' at the VMAS. A twitter rant including shady tweets, quite obviously directed at Taylor Swift considering she is the only other woman in the category besides Beyonce. See some of the tweets here.

I noticed the racism and sexism of the entertainment industry, especially the Grammys. I've noticed the discrimination against women in the industry. I've noticed how women who are skinnier gain privilege. (although I will say that is dying quite fast. Thick women are slowly ruling the world.)  However, just because your video isn't nominated for a small category, doesn't mean it's about any type of discrimination.

Bad Blood got nominated because it had high production value, a lot of hype, it was a quality song from a talented woman featuring Kendrick Lamar, a talented rapper. It included a lot of celebrities and stunts. Taylor really came up with the concept herself and crafted it together well. And yes, it just so happened to break records.

Anaconda didn't get nominated. I can't say why, but it broke records and had "cultural impact" that wasn't lasting because it was solely due to sexual content and shock value. Some people will argue it is a great video, but just because the VMA's didn't think so, doesn't mean you can start playing the blame game with other people in the industry.

To say I lost respect for Nicki's twitter rant would be an understatement. It's okay to speak your mind, but to shade other artists and play a blaming game with shady tweets, RTs and favorites and then to act like you're innocent is quite insane. As an artist, it's backtracking. Also, Taylor Swift is the low-key, maybe high-key reason 'Super Bass' became a single and had so much radio play...she publicly advertised it before it gained any popularity. Did I mention how Taylor outsold Nicki's entire discography just with 1989?

Nicki is nominated for best female video and best hip-hop video for 'Anaconda,' and for best collaboration for 'Bang Bang'. She has THREE nominations. Some artists barely have any plays on soundcloud, girl. Come on.

Here's what I've got to say about 'Anaconda:'

It had some cultural impact, however, it was quite a joke. People made parody videos and danced to it not because it was a quality song, but because it as ALL about twerking and ass. Nicki KNEW that it would get a lot of views because it's controversial and sexual. 'Anaconda' is LITERALLY the worst song on Pink Print, but it was marketable. It doesn't showcase Nicki's voice or rapping skills. So...what is it showcasing, exactly? Do people still talk about it? Do we still hear it on the radio? If it comes on your itunes on shuffle, will you listen to it or skip it? Does the video have a clear concept? Does it have iconic choreography? Did it break records because of the uniqueness of the video or because of the nudity?

At the end of the day, it's a VMA nomination. You think as a confident, secure artist with tons of money, you wouldn't care about such a thing. Artists are snubbed every single year at every single award show ever. But once you start complaining about it, that's when people lose respect for you.

Why is it that Nicki was favoriting shady tweets about Taylor and targeting her with the whole "skinny women" tweet, yet she didn't shade Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran?

Why is it that Nicki was clearly favoriting these shady tweets about Taylor and clearly targeting her with certain tweets, then acting all brand new when Taylor actually tweeted back at her?

We live in a world now where music isn't dominated by certain shapes, size, genders, races, sexual orientations, etc anymore. Every now and then, certain people have more privilege but this is not one of those situations.

It's not racism. It's not about women. It's most definitely not about size.
We can't expect every nomination category to be diverse every year, but it actually happens to be that way this year.

Kendrick Lamar: A black man.
Beyonce: A 'thick' black woman.
Taylor Swift: A 'skinny' white woman.
Bruno Mars: A Puerto Rican man.
Ed Sheeran: A white man.

All of their songs and videos had impact beyond shock value. All of their songs and videos were crafted uniquely. Uptown Funk and Thinking Out Loud will be played at proms and weddings for decades to come. Bad Blood and 7/11 will be on everyones playlists for years. 'All Right' will always be remembered for the actual cultural impact it had beyond twerking.

I'm not saying Anaconda was terrible, but it wasn't nominated. That's really all there is to it. Only five people could be nominated, and hundreds of quality videos were put out this year. When you are quick to pull out the racism, sexism, or discrimination card for when something goes your way, you loose your voice for when racism, sexism or discrimination is actually happening.

The worst thing about all of this? How this simple beef is making people quick to find faults in Nicki or Taylor. They are still both talented women. They still both put out great music, and hey, I still love them both.

But before you start tweeting about white privilege  sexism, discrimination, body-shaming, or whatever else- think about it. Stop and think about all the women who CHANGED the game with music. Some skinny, some thick. Some black, some white, some somewhere in between. Nicki's "snub" isn't a snub, and every one in the category deserved it.

I hope we can all stop caring so much when someone is or isn't nominated for something.