the coastline to you {poem}

the streets were dead
and my coffee was too sweet
segregating itself
like a science experiment.
but the people were bitter
and just as cold as the oceans, rivers and seas.

moments were forced
and skin was thin
melting like plastic
in the morning whim.

throughout the vagary,
i couldn't lie.
the stares and the impatience
the emptiness inside,
i was too fast,
i couldn't lie.

so forget your fake smiles
and forced conversations
forget your blind stares
and shallow consolations.

if you are the land, then i am the sea.
i don't need you, and you don't need me.

the land was too naive,
and the water was too pure.
she proved every element wrong,
eroding all in her path
with her light, tsunami waves.

her gradual destruction
showed them all her strength
but destroyed all she loved.

but she proved them all wrong,
isn't that fucking lovely?

she was not blue,
she was not full of beauty.
but she will make it all worth it
when the world is no longer green.

where were they going?
why were they lying?
no one is an island,
we are all a sea.

if they think we are separate,
maybe they'll let us be.