R.I.P. Sandra Bland ♡✞

Everyone on the media has reported on it. It's all over twitter. I could tell you what happened, or what I think, but situations like this are getting old. Do I really have to have the same conversation every few weeks about a different person? A different situation? A different death?

This isn't fair. This is sad. And it's like almost every situation sounds worse than the last one. If I knew you could actually be arrested for not using your turn signal, I would be a lot more careful while driving. But I think we all know it goes beyond just a turn signal. It's a hate crime. It's illegal. And they will not get away with this anymore.

Rest in peace, Sandra Bland. You are in a better place now. A place where you actually have freedom. A place where you are not discriminated against. A place where you are accepted. And a place where the people in charge take care of you instead of harm you.