Retail LA // Whimsic Alley

Looking for an ethereal getaway? Whimsic Alley is a fantasy store located in Los Angeles on Wilshire Blvd. I've heard about it before, I even remember pinning it a few years ago, but would it live up to the hype? Would I finally get to go? Yes. I luckily was in the area and Andrew and I knew we needed to stop to go on this magical adventure. It was quick, but like I said before, magical. They have rooms dedicated to each and every main fandom.

Yes. You heard me. An entire room dedicated to Harry Potter, an entire room dedicated to Doctor Who, and an entire room dedicated to Game of Thrones. They also have other smaller sections with things from other fandoms such as Supernatural and Downton Abbey. Let's not forget their wand / potion room. 

Personally, my favorite part was the great hall. For a store in the middle of LA, it was pretty on point, and made me want to have a Harry Potter marathon again. And on the way to the Great Hall is a spooky hallway full of amazing wizardy paintings from local artists and such.

There's not many places in the world that focus on selling nerdy merch. We have comic stores and video game stores but they primarily focus on comics and games. 

And contrary to popular belief, our favorite fandoms will never die. From Wizard & Witches Tea, to Wizard Rock, to Wizarding Craft Shows...they have it all. Be sure to keep up with them and their events so you can stay active in the fandom.

As their website states, "visitors are transported through time and space to a bygone era, reminiscent perhaps of a Dickens novel, with quaint storefronts, each with its own unique charm and identity."

Whimsic Alley had some merchandise I haven't seen anywhere in years. It has something timeless about it. No matter how much the world and our favorite fandoms change, I know I can get that classic enthusiastic feeling when walking into Whimsic Alley.