Realizations & Readiness

I've been SO busy traveling across the country, but I am here in California. Finally. I have wi-fi in my apartment so I'm able to live like a normal 21st century human. Not to mention, things are falling into place, so I'm ready to get back at it again. I'm ready to generate quality content not only on my blog, but every level of my life. I'm ready to get back into everything again. I'm done hibernating, you know?

I've realized so much within the past few years. I've lived in a lot of different places and have been in so many settings. Obviously, because of this, I've met a lot of different people. I've been realizing my love for diversity and for people in general. We're taught in kindergarten people are different than us, inside, outside and in-between. But it takes time to understand this concept. We're taught people are different yet when people do things different than us, some people get offended or steered away. Not me. People are different. Different is good.

I've been realizing more of who I am lately, as I do with every single day. Traveling helps with that. You start to realize who you are because when you're traveling, all you have is yourself. Not your past, not your future, not your friends or family. It's just you. And when everything around you is changing, you are FORCED to focus on yourself. Traveling enhances the self more than ever.

It's not like I've been having those perfectly curated movie moments where time stops for only me and I look up at the stars and then smile down at the ground in sudden realization. It hasn't been like that at all.

It happens in conversation, in introduction, in the daily things. It happens as I meet more people, from all different walks of life. I started to realize what adjectives actually fit me and what adjectives I thought fit me based on what people pushed onto me. When you have a lack of people and things to compare yourself to, you might just go with the flow and let the world define you. I have a lot to compare to myself now, so I am having a better understanding of who I am.

I started to realize how many people lack professionalism, basic social skills, basic ettiquette and manners. I started to realize how often people can't take the signs and hints you give out. How often people will misinterpret your actions and your words. These are things we expect everyone to have, but some people don't really care about the consequences of their actions and the affect it will have on other people.

I realized 'awkwardness' isn't a defining trait, but everyone have awkwardness to them. Awkward comes in moments, not in people. If you consider yourself an 'awkward' person, it will shine right through with you. Don't sweat the small things, because we're all humans who have to go through awkward human things. That's all there is to it.

I realized you really do learn the most important things in kindergarten, because 'please' and 'thank you' and 'no problem' is important. It's more than just words, it's letting people know you care.

I realized it's okay to explore and try out new things. You can explore your identity and you don't owe anyone anything. They can't label you or criticize you just because you wanted to try something new. Oh, that scene phase in middle school? Your prep phase in high school? That one time you were obsessed with the Jonas Brothers? That time you wore a risky outfit last week and you regret it because it totally wasn't you? Nah, don't be ashamed. It's okay to explore who you are, and sometimes, it takes time to realize it wasn't you after all. It's all about the process.

I realized not everyone understands slang. Not everyone understands every language. Not everyone knows about internet memes. Not everyone knows the names of every single Kardashian. Not everyone knows about the latest in fashion, music and pop culture. Conversation isn't always quite that simple, but that's okay and easy to get around.

Whenever I meet someone, I like to make somewhat of a connection if they seem open. I'm not trying to be their best friend, but I like to treat them like a human being, not a product or a machine. I try to notice something unique about them or the situation. A common interest or perhaps a light joke. Then I can start going deeper. I've always treated people like that, and 95% of the time I get positive feedback. You should make an effort to connect with everyone and everything.

I realized how often people will push their problems out on you and target you for no apparent reason. Jealousy is real, and it's something people won't often admit to.

I realized how artistry is so much more important than imagery. Your image is never who you are and people will never fully understand you.

I've realized although I've never considered myself a "people-person," compared to others, I really do LOVE people. I love living things. I respect every creature on the planet. I may love my alone time and I'm not crazy about going out to meet new people all the time, but meeting new people is a truly exciting experience. We can all say we don't like people, but why would we live our lives by such a philosophy? Since when did hating almost every single person on the planet become some kind of trend?

I've been realizing a lot. I've been realizing how the world is full of positive vibes and adventurous opportunities that is all ours for the taking. I've been washing away the residue of the shell that used to cover me. I've been rubbing off the colors people painted on my skin. Realizations are beautiful and I realize I love all life has to offer. I realize...I am ready.