Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Disney Little Golden Book {Review}

I got this book from BEA / BookCon in New York and instantly fell in love with it based upon my first impression, however, I didn't want to read it until the moment was right. It may sound weird...but I knew this book would be special and perhaps a bit emotional. After all, it is Disney.

That moment fell right on my plate about a week or so ago. I felt like a little girl and a wise prophet all at the same time, except it was full of the best Disney references with the cutest drawings.

"Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Disney Little Golden Book" is perfect for every age and quite literally teaches you everything you need to know. When I get caught up in the stress of everyday life, I love to pull it out from my desk and reassure myself with the eternal truth of Disney. It's comforting and heartwarming, reminding us all that dreams really do come true.

It officially comes out July 28th. Aren't you excited? Check out all the deets here.

Here is a preview of the book with some of my favorite pages: