Dining LA // Toppings Pizza

Toppings Pizza is located in Long Beach, California on Xixemo ave. It seems like people love pizza and are always looking for new pizza places to eat, whether it be from a ma & pa shop or a fancy new italian restaurant. If you're from SoCal and are looking for that new pizza place, I recommend Toppings.

As of right now, it is the only one of it's kind. I was shocked to hear this, considering it seemed so established already.

Basically, you get to customize your own pizza. (if you wish to.) Here are the steps.

  • Choose a regular or gluten free dough
  • Choose a sauce. (examples are BBQ, Pesto, Tomato, Fire, etc)
  • Choose your cheese, or mix of cheeses. 
  • Chose your meats.
  • Chose your veggies.
  • BAM.
The best part? You get unlimited toppings for a fixed price. Each pizza is 8.00. It comes with a thin crust. But you can have unlimited meats, veggies, cheeses, sauces, whatever. It's all up to you. 

The pizza I got my first time was a regular dough with a mozzarella and gorgonzola cheese mix, with a tomato fire sauce mix, with spinach, arugula, red peppers, green peppers, and sun dried tomato on top. Oh, and a whole lot of crushed red pepper, because I put that on EVERYTHING. I'm so very excited to try Toppings again. It's a great concept and I'm so happy I live within walkable distance to them.

You can call them at 562-498-0654.