Belvoir Farms: A Taste of Simplistic Luxury

Every time I see a drink by Belvoir Farms in the drink section at Whole Foods, it immediately catches my eye. "Ah...I should get it," I think to myself, even though I only came in for one thing. "But it's sooooo delicious," I say to myself again, as I slowly resist the urge to grab every elderflower & rose lemonade they have left.

Belvoir makes authentically delicious cordials, presses and fruit crushes at the Lincolnshire countryside.  As they would say, "100% organic. 100% lovely."

The packaging itself is so beautiful and looks like something out of a Vogue shoot or royal wedding. And the taste isn't too bad either...

Belvoir sent me a sampler (thank you so so much all, it was amazing.) and I am here to review and share with you these products.

Let's do the taste test, shall we?

Elderflower lemonade:

  • Lemonade 2.0. 
  • Tastes very similar to champagne.
  • Pastoral, minimalistic vibes.

Pomegranate & raspberry lemonade:
  • Beet sugar is really strong.
  • Tastes similar to Honest Ade's pomegranate blue.

Elderflower & rose lemonade:
  • Heaven is a place on earth with you.
  • The touch of rose is so subtle yet makes the lemonade so much sweeter to the tastebuds.
  • Delicate, scented and refreshing taste.
  • Also very similar to champagne.
  • Sparking deliciousness, and my personal favorite.

Lime & lemongrass lemonade:
  • Reminiscent of the beginning of spring.
  • Energizing feel & taste.
  • Great for margaritas.
  • The sparkling citrusy texture of this drink reminds me of a healthier Sprite.

Ginger beer lemonade:
  • Has a fiery kick to it.
  • Ginger is prominent.
  • Lemon juice and sparkling spring water compliments it well, making drinking it a memorable experience.
Overall, I really enjoyed my experience with Belvoir Farms and their perfectly crafted lemonades. Any season, any time of day - it's paired greatly with everything. I've had Belvoir late at night with a bag of hot cheetos and Netflix, and I've always chose it to be the drink I had at my last Thanksgiving dinner.

I always appreciate a company with a consistent aesthetic and even more consistent imagery. The ingredients are simple, but you can tell it's crafted with care. It's truly a luxurious experience drinking this and it always inspires me to get up and be the woman I always wanted to be. Keep calm and stay lovely. X