7 Ways to Spice Up Your Ramen

We've all been there. (well, most of us.) You open your cabinet, hoping to see a plethora of food, but all you see is a half-empty cabinet half-full with ramen noodles. So, you are left with a choice to either get some seamless or make some ramen noodles. Usually, we choose the latter because it's cheaper, but it can get boring after a while, trust me, I know. So, how can we improve our ramen? Here's what I like to do.

So, lets get started.

1. Add canned or fresh veggies. 
This is my favorite thing to do because it's SO simple and always costs less than a dollar. I love adding canned peas and corn to my ramen. You can cook separately or together. Regardless, it only takes a few minutes and makes your ramen have a bit more nutrients to it.

2. Ditch the packet, add your own spices.
This is where you can get creative and try out different spices. If you don't like it, not a problem. Ramen only costs like 20 cents, anyways. Personally, I literally like my ramen spicy. My go-to spices are chili powder, crushed red pepper, and turmeric.

3. Make a ramen burger.
Okay, this is harder than it looks. I've had a ramen burger once in Brooklyn and didn't like it only because of the spices they added to the ramen, and because the "veggie burger" was just soggy mushrooms. HOWEVER, I can see this being delicious if done right. It's quite a craze anyways. Find out how to make your own ramen burger here.

4. Thai it up with some peanut butter.

Yeah, you heard me. PEANUT BUTTER. You don't need to go all the way to the asian farmers market downtown to get the correct ingredients for thai stir fry. A little bit of peanut butter, a little bit of soy sauce and a little bit of sriracha = DELICIOUSNESS.

5. Ramen nachos.
Take some tortilla chips. Put your taco seasoned ramen on top of it. Add sour cream, guacamole, salsa, and some veggies, or whatever you please. Now, enjoy the hell out of those carbs like a real ramen lover.

6. Ramen on top of salads.
Instead of onion strings, croutons, or tortilla strips, try ramen on top of your salad. It's not that bad!

7. Chicken noodle soup. 
Cook the ramen separately without the seasoning packet, set aside. Cook your carrots, celery, and chicken with the seasoning packet, then add ramen last minute. You have got yourself some awesome chicken noodle soup. If you're a vegetarian like me, add beyond meat "chicken." It's pre-cooked, and the perfect texture for soup.