Top Knots & Bows & Pastel Collars. #ootd

Hey lovelies! Yesterday, I did a top knot to my hair. The first time I ever did this was about two years ago and I remember falling in love with it. I felt this sense of vintage cuteness and confidence overwhelm me. A topknot adds purpose to any casual outfit, elegance to any formal outfit, and some zest to any business or work outfit. 

And let me tell you, I looooove adding a bow to my top knot. I use to actually run a small bow company on etsy so I literally have every color and design you can imagine! My style has always been pastel ballerina princess-esque, with a hint of business-menswear, child-like wonder and a hint of "IDGAF, I'm poor and cozy."

All in all, no matter what I wear, I know a topknot with a bow can define my outfit and really leave a mark. The thicker your hair, the better. I don't know why I have so much hair, but it comes in handy when trying out new hairstyles such as this. Thank you, genes.

Yesterday's outfit was: 
  • Black highwaisted pants from Charlotte Russe, 
  • mint green chiffon top with little pearls & a blunt collar. (Lauren Conrad)
  • Red heart bow made by me 
Here are some photos I took showcasing my outfit. Sorry not sorry, but I'm so obsessed with this look. I have an overwhelming amount of chiffon tops and they're quite hard to tuck in. They are thin, wrinkle easily, and are sometimes uncomfortably see-through. However, chiffon tops and high-waisted pants are best friends. Why, you ask? Because you can tie your top to give your outfit a classy, vintage look! Perfect for work. And perfect for the streets, am I right?