The Prologue: Long Beach, California

I guess this serves as my official announcement: I am moving to Long Beach, California! This past year has been crazy stressful, and my restless soul and indecisive thinking didn't exactly make that any better. Regardless, it's FINALLY happening. Tomorrow, at 6 AM sharp, I will be leaving Ohio by car to head to LA with my favorite person. I can't even believe it. We will be making stops in Kansas City, Denver, and Arizona for the night - and of course, my favorite part, driving on the open road.

I've lived in so many different places within the past year and I've been traveling a lot. Not complaining, of course, but I realized what I was missing. I wanted to be apart of something again. You know? Like a good group of friends, a community of people, a theatre, a job, a fandom, a scene. I can't quite put a word to it..but I've been traveling for so long, physically and emotionally, and I haven't really committed to something in a while.

Because of this, I often feel quite lonely, nostalgic, and attached to the past. I remember little moments and glimpses of people. They say nostalgia makes us remember the past better than it actually was, and that's what a lot of my life has been like lately. But now, I am using that nostalgia as motivation to make more memories.

I have been indecisive about where I wanted to move. (specifically between New York or Los Angeles) And on top of that, it's not exactly easy to move to either city. But I feel blessed to be living in an apartment in Long Beach, considering that's my favorite area of California. I've written enough poetry about New York, and I will be back, but maybe in a few years. I'm ready for Long Beach.

It's quite exhilarating knowing all the things I wanted to do as a little girl I am already doing. In high school, I always thought, "I'll get to all that one day. Maybe in my 30's. Or 50's. I don't know." And here I am, taking the world as my own.

Throughout this road trip, I will be sharing little bits of it all via my blog and instagram. (I'll do my best.) From the music, to the scenery, to the oddities, to the food, to the emotions. I will do my best to showcase that all through my writing and photos.

This is the prologue to my journey. I don't know where it will take me, but I am feeling so very happy about it all. I am living out my philosophies on a daily basis and I couldn't be more proud.

So, with all of that being said, here's some pre-road trip essentials from me.

Lately, I've been obsessed with the Inside Out game for iOS. BUT I CAN'T GET PAST LEVEL 35. I think it's actually impossible unless you buy more gems...but I will find out on this very long road trip. I am also bring my 3DS so I can fix my town in ACNL, obviously. It needs some work. 
It's a ritual for me to always paint my nails before a trip. This shade is "sittin pretty" from essie. I love lavender-esque shades and I thought this symbolized rebirth and summer. Also, thanks to Alicia for this. I c u. 

Road trip food is my FAVORITE! Free hotel breakfasts, fast food, gas station snacks, coffee at inappropriate times, and packing all my favs. For the main course, I decided to make vegan salami sandwiches. Basically, it consists of: vegan salami, kale, chia seeds, yellow pepper and buffalo sauce. YESSSS! Well, for me at least. 

Making mixtapes make me realize how truly random my taste in music is. Now I know why I have such a hard time answering the "What music do you like?" question. Regardless, I'm bringing some CDs I've purchased, AKA every Lana CD ever, my Disney CD, and all of that. I made some new mixtapes featuring my favorite showtunes, a whole lot of Kendrick Lamar, and Panic at the Disco. Gosh, just a bunch of great music. If you wanna see my older mixtapes, click here.

And lastly, some reading material. I purposely didn't read it so I could save it for the road trip. Other than Game Informer, I brought my travel journal. I will be posting little realizations and thoughts that cross my mind via instagram daily. 


So, yeah. That's that. I can't wait to go on this journey and I can't wait to share it with you. Maybe I'll even see you along the way. Always,
Maria Elena