So, You Want to Pay for College..

In high school, we learn the pythagorean theorem and detailed information about Henry VIII's wives. We learn all about how to write a paper in MLA and APA format, and even how do use parenthetical citations. But when it comes to finances? We learn very little to none. I even took a non-required personal finance class in high school and I know I still have a lot to learn about the world of finance.

 So what does one do when wanting to go to college with very little knowledge about actually paying for it? College is expensive and the last thing anyone would want to do is make a financial mistake that could ruin them in the long run. That's where College Ave comes in. They are a customer-service friendly online marketplace and will help you pay off your student loans without total confusion.

Ask questions, get competitive rates, and go through your repayment options. And yes, it's actually all in english! Not "only-finance-majors-can-understand-what-this-means" language. So, you won't have to call your mom or spend hours on to pay off your student loans. It's really that simple.

A recent 2015 study stated that 81 percent of students are aware of the cost of college but lack the knowledge to pay for it. When it comes down to it, our generation is quite educated and aware about their budget. However, there are very few helpful resources for us. College Ave Student Loans comes in hand. So, yeah. No surprises. No craziness. It's just helpful. You can apply within minutes!

College Ave will actually be teaming up with Chegg for an instagram contest. You can win a 5,000 scholarship, textbook credit or other prices. Gosh, isn't social media awesome? Check out the details here. Thank you to College Ave Student Loans and Her Campus for partnering with me on this post!