BEA & Book Con 2015 Round Up

As many of you know, I got the chance to attend BEA and Book Con this year! So much happened and I truly don't think I can successfully put it all in a post. But, hey, I can try!

I was really nervous upon entering the Javits Center. I'm all about #datconlife but I heard a lot of bad things about Book Con in the past. This is bound to happen when such a big event is going on, but I really do believe they made a whole lot of improvements from last year.

First, let's talk BEA.

Day 1: 

  • I got my press pass (eeeek!) and waited in line while eating a smuckers. How eventful. 
  • Day 1 was mostly aimlessly wandering the exhibitors hall, making / meeting friends and collecting books.
  • The feeling of excitement was setting in. I felt so blessed to be at a con surrounded by nerdtastic individuals. And I was back in NYC, YESSSS.

Day 2: 

  • Met Brandon Stanton, creator of Humans of New York. He was a down-to-earth guy and we discussed what he's been doing while working with schools. 
  • Got an excerpt of Kunal Nayyar's new memoir. His writing was really witty and I never knew he had such an adventurous story of how he got into acting and theatre. Can't wait to read the whole thing!
  • Met one of my favorite actresses Julianne Moore. We actually talked for a good few minutes about the art of acting which was quite exciting for me! Loooove Julianne. 
Day 3:
  • Was one of the first people in the original, unofficial, and later ignored Mindy Kaling line. People were waiting in advanced but Penguin was telling people not to line up so early. Obviously, no one listened. Penguin ignored the actual organized line of people so when the real line started, it was a literal rampage of people. Oh gosh.
  • I got to meet Mindy and we talked fashion, obviously. I told her I'm expected Mindy for Macys within the next 10 years. Mark my words, it's coming.

Now, let's talk Book Con! I only went to Book Con on Saturday considering Sunday was basically just Khloe Kardashian and a bunch of random youtubers I never heard of. So, let's talk about Saturday.

  • I just found out about the wristband policy the day before. Sounds good on paper, was not so good in real life.
  • Events were at capacity way too early. No one should have to wake up at 4 AM just to see B.J. Novak speak. 
  • The crowd at Book Con was very fangirly. A lot of preteens and teenage girls who are obsessed with tumblr culture, youtubers and John Green. I was literally shocked at how people were waiting around just to see John Green speak. He goes to several cons a year, tours all over the world, and does signings. I find him to be a rather accessible individual and have met him several times. 
  • I got to take part of the "literary tattoo chain!" It's temporary, don't worry. Litographs is a really great company and I'm excited to see their future!
  • My favorite panel was the Girl Online / Girl IRL panel. It was great to see other girl writers getting it out there and I could totally relate to what they had to say. A future post dedicated to that panel is coming up. Speaking to Tavi again was awesome too. Love that girl. 
  • Book Con was AWESOME, but it didn't have that con feel to me. I don't know what it was, but it just seemed like a money-making scheme with a whole lot of disorganization. 
  • Book Con had it's ups and downs, but it is a pretty affordable con. You really have to experience it to get the most out of it. Next year I hear it's in Chicago. Will you be going?