Eating in Cleveland

Find yourself eating in Cleveland, Ohio? Probably not.
Regardless, a lot of my blogging endeavors have included food blogging. You may have read my installment of Eating in NYC posts. If you haven't, check it out.

Now, I'm going to talk about eating in Cleveland. Growing up in Northeast Ohio, I've gone out to eat almost everywhere. Everything is sort of spread out, and a lot of the time these eateries are in hidden, unexpected places. If I'm being honest, most of the places here are nationwide restaurant chains. Every town has an Outback and Applebees. And if you can't find a place you think you would like, there is a Chipotle in every town as well.

However, no matter where I am, I like to eat something different when I travel. Here are some of my picks for 'Eating in Cleveland.' Enjoy!

Aladdin's Eatery

Lebanese food never sounded so delicious. Taste the falafel, get some hummus and fresh pitabread, and do yourself a favor and try their delicious soup. There's never been something here I didn't like. Pictured above is their v-nine soup, filled with delicious veggies.

Burger Fresh
You know how I said earlier some of the eateries are in hidden, unexpected places? Well, Burger Fresh is surely one of them. It's a fun concept and the burgers are good (veggie for me, obviously), however I do feel they could use a better PR / marketing team. It's rather small, it's hidden, and they could use more options. But for starters? I think if you're in the Brecksville area, this is a not a bad place to get a burger. You get to customize your patty, the bun, and your toppings. However, I feel the majority of people are fine with their fast food, so Burger Fresh should bring something more unique to the table. Regardless, I still enjoyed it.

I love Choolaah so much I dedicated an entire post to it. I cannot stress this enough, Choolaah isn't just my favorite to eat in Northeast Ohio, but it's one of my favorite places to eat anywhere. It's a fast-casual yet 110% quality Indian eatery. You will truly be overwhelmed the moment you walk in. By the service, the set-up, the versatile menu. And'll take your first bite and you'll fall in love. Read more about my experience at Choolaah here. And if you don't feel like reading it, take my advice: try the samosas. 

Colossal Cupcakes
If you're downtown, this is a super cute place to check out. The cupcakes are delicious and the aesthetic of this Euclid avenue hotspot is refreshing. For a city that can be quite bland, Colossal will brighten your day. Read more about them here. 

Lucky Cafe
In an old-fashioned, farmer-market-esque area of Tremont, Lucky Cafe is super cute. The tea I had there was this fruity tea and I remember it being the best I ever had. However, they could sharpen up on their barista skills a bit. Regardless, there's a super cute garden you can eat at. I recommend coming here when the Tremont farmer's market is going on so you can just walk right over. 

Miss Molly's Tea Room
Those pink rose walls, lace tablecloths and floral arrangements are getting to me just by looking at them. I've been coming here ever since I was a little girl and was happy to revisit it three years ago. It's more for the experience instead of the food, to be quite honest. Drink tea like a true tea-drinker in this beautiful setting. Best for a light brunch.

Phoenix Coffee
One of the few coffee places in NEOhio that isn't Starbucks. The prices are reasonable and the coffee is 110% authentic. I usually just get a small iced coffee with a little bit of vanilla and a little bit of soy milk. But hey, if you're into fancy latte art this is your place. Phoenix remains to be a NEOhio favorite of mine.

Tommy's is located in the Coventry area of Cleveland. Within the same block, you'll find a tattoo parlor, a book store, a CD exchange shop, a concert venue for indie bands, and a crazy toy shop. Coventry is pretty legit. So if you're strolling the Coventry streets, stop by Tommy's. They are known for their spinach pies, their classic AND vegan milkshakes, their awesome vegetarian menu, and because a lot of celebrities have came to Tommy's while in CLE. We've been here a few times and have tried the not dog, the BBQ seitan sandwich, the chickenless sandwich, the veggie burger, the spinach pie, the veggie chili, and the falafel. None of them disappointed us. 

Going to Townhall will make you feel like you're in a different city. It's ahead of it's time. Grilled cheese bars? Quality coffee and lattes? Organic, non-gmo? Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and paleo options? Smoothies? Food truck tacos? THIS IS ALL TOO MUCH FOR ME. I was staring at the menu for 20 minutes. Townhall honestly has one of the best menus I have seen and I wish I got to try more of their food. However, the service was an issue. Maybe my expectations were too high. But the music was too loud, the employees never cared to look us in the eye and it took our waitress 30 minutes to even ask us for our order. I will be back again one day for some coffee and a burrito, mark my words!

Rosati's Frozen Custard
I can tell you right now, Rosati's is the shit. Literally the best custard you're going to get. It's one of those places that has had the same menu for years, which makes it kind of a classic. Decadent yet soft chocolate and vanilla...and you can't forget the flavor of the day! Everyone in Northfield, Ohio always stops and checks for the flavor of the day when they drive by. Also shout out to Andrew for taking this photo. And most of the photos on this post. You can check out Rosati's website right here.

Rosewood Grill
Talk about fine dining. Rosewood Grill sounds romantic just by the name of it, and it truly is. Andrew and I went here for Valentine's Day and it was beyond amazing. The menu is small, but what they have to offer makes it worth it. Great flatbreads, mesmerizing salads, and CASHEW CRUSTED TOFU. Andrew ended up getting the cashew crusted tofu, covered in this TO DIE FOR thai chile sauce with crispy yet chewy sweet potato hash. It was super delicious. The aesthetic of this place makes it feel like you are really dining, I recommend it.