10 Reasons Why Ohio is the Worst State Ever

I decided to write an open letter to Ohio about why I am...well, so over it. I've stated this before because I don't want people to get offended or anything: I will always have a special place in my heart for Ohio but I can't stay because it will hold me back.

It's okay that you like Ohio, but that doesn't mean my feelings are invalid. Every time I express my disgust for this state, people always say "We have Cedar Point! Well, we have Lebron! The indians are coming back! We have the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame!"

True. It's not like Ohio doesn't have anything. It's not like that. It's never been quite that simple. All places have sports teams, amusement parks and museums. It's about the experience you personally get while living somewhere. We're all different so we all aren't meant to fit in everywhere.

So if you like living there, I respect it because I enjoyed growing up here. And if you hated living there, maybe we can laugh at all the stupid things we have gone through in our time there. Until then, let's talk about my 10 reasons why I prefer to be living across the country in a studio apartment with street parking and an awesome mexican place 3 blocks away.


1. Lack of nature. We have TONS of trails and parks, but they all look the same. Not that they aren't beautiful or anything, but it gets old. Ooooh a tree! Ooooh a creek. Is that a squirrel? Basically, Ohio is just plains. You aren't going to find any variety here. I love all nature no matter where I'm at, but I need to be by the mountains, the ocean, and some interesting wildlife. And if you aren't going to have that, at least have a city or two.

2. Lake Erie. Most places are near some kind of body of water. But...we have Lake Erie. Filled with bacteria and sewage, you do NOT want to find yourself swimming here. Locals will spend their days at the 'beach.' Honestly, just go to Wild Water Kingdom or make the trip out to the coastline. Lake Erie is the worst. Ugh. Gotta love pollution.

3. The sports. Oh....my...literal...God. I've known people that have been physically beaten up due to their stance on sports. Friendships have ended because the other guy liked the Steelers. "Did you see the game last night?" is heard at least 10 times a day. Every business in town is covered with Browns, Indians and Cavs merch. The general energy of Northeast Ohio is defined by how we're doing in terms of sports. I've traveled to half of the states in the US and sure, sports are prominent but they have other things to be excited about. It's impossible to escape here.

4. The weather. Humid Florida-esque summers, ice age 8-month-long winters where driving is near impossible, and the famous ever-changing temperatures. It's just not worth it. It's either too cold or too hot. Next.

5. The drivers. There are a lot of 'bad driver' stereotypes. There are also a lot of 'bad places to drive' stereotypes as well. But I would take a busy, fast 6 lane California highway over the roads of Ohio any day. It's simple...people in Ohio act quite entitled on the road. They won't let you over when you need to. Ever. They flash their brights at people for literally no reason. They get mad at anyone who does a bad parking job. They also get mad if they can't find a good parking spot within 30 seconds. They get mad when the person in front of them is going too slow or too fast. They take driving so seriously for a place where you barely need to go anywhere.

6. The politics. Close-minded people EVERYWHERE. I'm not even looking at one political party here. When it comes to politics, religion, philosophy, art, or really anything - people are close-minded. Open discussion is almost impossible here. You'd think for a swing state people would love to discuss this kind of stuff, but nope. They know what they believe and they can't respect what you believe. I hear arguments on a daily basis. Just chill.

7. High levels of nosiness. Sure, this isn't just Ohio. But it happens here. More than it does in most of the states I've been too. I will go to the corner store in Ohio and I will be stared down by everyone in the store for no apparent reason.Who am I? What am I doing there? Why am I wearing that? Who am I with? Things about me get around constantly and I don't even really talk to anyone. It could be because they have nothing else to talk about though. Hey, we have Cedar Point! (as everyone says to make themselves feel better about living in Ohio)

8. Meeting people is near impossible. 90% of people who are based here have one social circle filled with their coworkers /or/ people they went to high school with. People look to meet new people at bars and clubs, but there isn't great nightlife out here. If you're cool with that, then Ohio may be the place for you. But if you wanna meet actual NEW people, run for your damn life.

9. There is no city here. The fact that Cleveland should even be called a city is kind of funny, actually. Walking around Cleveland is like walking around a ghost town. Maybe if Cleveland got a better transportation system, a nice shopping center, and some more businesses, it would be considered a city. But it's basically just a bunch of sporting arenas and museums jam-packed into one area. And let me tell you, once you go down to Cleveland once...that's all you really need.

10. Lack of diversity. Ohio is mostly white people. Some people will argue that, but it's true. Congratulations on having 3 black friends and 1 indian friend but that doesn't mean Ohio is overflowing with diversity and culture. The only language you ever hear is English. The only food you'll ever eat is American. Growing up in a public school in Ohio is filled with racism and ignorant comments because every time there's someone that isn't white, they are labeled as the black or the asian friend. You get the point.