This past weekend was so adventurous, but so is each and every day when you 1. spend it with someone you love, 2. never settle, 3. be open to new adventure, and 4. stay true to your heart.

I gotta admit, I've been busier than usual. But I still want to share the joys of my life with you all. In 9 days, Andrew & I will be heading on a plane to California and staying with his super kind aunt and uncle. We will be visiting apartments, drinking good coffee, going to the beach and checking out the unique vegetarian scene there. Did I mention we will be going to DISNEY LAND? AHHHHHH. I cannot contain my excitement. Basically, we're just getting a feel for it to see what we want.

So there you have it! Now, here's what my week was like. (the fun stuff, at least.)

I had a credit at The Exchange so I thought I would get Spyro. I LOVED Spyro growing up, but only really played it for PS1. I'll keep you updated on my progress once I get further in. I got distracted and switched to Kingdom Hearts...as usual. SERIOUS TALK THOUGH: Giant Eagle has amazing veggie sushi. Nom.

Friday's #OOTD. I love this modern, summery, gingham pantsuit-like outfit. I felt super cute in it, plus I appreciate my naturally wavy hair, yo. The crop top & the pants are from Forever 21. The book in my hand, you ask? You shall find out in a future post once I finish it.

I don't know how I feel about Sundays. If any day has a feeling, it's Sunday. Even if you don't have work/school the next day, Sundays just feel...odd. Some just like to relax but I get really bored on Sundays UNLESS I'm with Andrew. We love hiking if it's nice out, and wow, it was so beautiful today. We met a chocolate lab, the sweetest Japanese tourist, and some pretty cool trees. Nature is so blissful. 

The trees are still bare, but every now and then you will see flowers blooming and leaves turning green.  The change of seasons is one of the most beautiful things to see, and I'm so grateful I get to see it. 

ICE CREAM AT ROSATIS! Hometown glory at it's finest. Andrew took this amazing photo and he ate this amazing ice cream cone. Honestly, it's the only dairy I will tolerate. Something about Rosati's is like no other. The experience, the ice cream, the setting. Romantic and cozy.

Half way through Kingdom Hearts 2, loving it. (I realize the photo is from KH1, but it's the only picture I had on my phone and it symbolically resonates with my mood.) I was really disapointed to hear that there is no Kingdom Hearts stuff at Disneyland. I wanted to meet Sora, waaaah. On the other hand, thank you TBS for making my nights an absolute BLAST for airing Big Bang Theory 8-11. I can't get enough of it. WHAT'S GOING ON.


My weekend was full of eternal hope & happiness...but the best is yet to come, as always. Have a lovely Monday. x