Redefining "Lazy"

I bet you slept in till 12 before and I bet someone criticized you about it. Whether it be your mother nagging you or a friend just messing around with you, I bet it has happened before. And why is that?

I mean, it just seems odd to me that we would be criticized for wanting to sleep. For survival reasons, humans are designed to sleep half the day, eat 2000 calories worth of food and drink gallons of water on a daily basis. So there's that. I'll never understand society sometimes.

I love relaxing and eating and laying down and napping but that doesn't mean I lost my passion and work ethic, for crying out loud. I'm sick of people feeling bad for procrastinating or not being productive.

Here's my message for you:

I love relaxing and there's no reason anyone should be bitter about it. When I live, I REALLY live. When I work, I REALLY work. And when I relax..I really like to enjoy it. Sue me.

It's not my fault society has unrealistic standards. You are responsible for your life. If you want to work a 9-5, have 4 kids to watch after, go to college, work two other jobs on the side, be an active part of ten book clubs, run marathons every weekend, and get 2 hours of sleep then be my guest. But don't be all bitter when you see someone having a good time on their day off.

Your mental / emotional health is important. Don't forget that.