NARS Lip Pencil: Satin & Velvet Matte {Review}

Being a Sephora Beauty Insider is pretty awesome due to an awesome free birthday gift every year. For 2015, the Sephora birthday gift for beauty insiders was two Nars lip pencils in satin and velvet matte!

My eyes were instantly drawn to the velvet matte, because I am crazy for shades of dark red. However, after trying them both, I fell in love with the satin. It was suddenly the best lip product I ever used. It gave my lips a natural blush tint without going too over the top. Sure, I have other natural pink lipstick shades but they scream "I AM WEARING LIPSTICK." It stays on easily, keeps them lips moisturized and doesn't wear off with eating, kissing, or existing. Which is something quite vital, in my opinion.

The velvet matte is a classy red that goes on the lips very smoothly. It's candy apple tinted, and considering it's matte, it's perfect. Red lipstick is always the most glamorous when it's matte.

Lip pencils / crayons are great in that sense because you can put it on correctly without being an expert. Lipsticks are easy to smear and it's sometimes hard to stay "inside the lines."

I am wearing the satin lip pencil in the picture to the right. It reminds me of cherry blossoms and smiles, and it actually looks good with my super pale skin! Yay! I've stated it before, I am not a HUGE make up fan. But every now and then that product comes along.

NARS lip pencils are now going to be a beauty essential for me.