♪ Music for the Weekend ♪

Happy Friday my fellow musicheads. I am a sucker for new music. Literally, I dedicate time every week for discovering new music from artists. And... it seems like within the past few months, we've been getting TONS of new material here. Not from the the biggest pop stars, rappers, and bands. But from artists that have been dormant for a while. During my music search, I came across these singles and albums I think you all should give a brief listen to. They all bring something new to the table and i think you will find that it will revitalize you. Enjoy your weekend. XOXO

All That - Carly Rae Jepsen {Single}
Poor Carly. She's never really been taken seriously. Regardless of what you think of her music, 'All That' is worth the listen. I never really payed attention to her as an artist but this song is a masterpiece. It's reminiscent of 'Sometimes' by Britney Spears, with it's own vintage vibe to it. It's nice to see an artist push the boundaries of what's "trendy" now. Are the 90s back yet?

American Nights - Plain White T's {Album}

I saw no promo for this album but it's amazing. It embodies the classic simplicity of Plain White T's. If you think about it, they were one of the first indie-acoustic-quirky-soft voiced artists that made it. The songs are summery, and make you feel like you're laying on the beach, staring at blue skies. Acoustic simplicity with a hint of Myspace with a hint of Beach Boys realness. The entire album alltogether is a really cohesive piece that makes you want to see fireworks and eat hot dogs with every person you ever loved. Really, it makes me so happy.

American Candy - The Maine {Album}
My pop punk roots are very special to me, however, The Maine was never my favorite band. First of all, I love the album art of American Candy. The album is innovative and new - welcoming a new audience to their music. Some people are probably thinking, "The Maine? Wow, what an awesome new band!" Little do they know...The Maine has been rockin it since I had scene hair.

Future Hearts - All Time Low {Album}
All Time Low and me go way back. Their song 'Dear Maria, Count Me In' is one of my favorite songs ever, obviously. They know their audience quite well, because this album blew up amongst their fans. An album full of teenage angst, breaking free, and an all around "fuck it, I'm doing me" attitude - therefore, this is the PERFECT summer album. You're gonna wanna mosh to 'Kids in the Dark' and you're gonna wanna cry to 'Missing You.' Plus Mark Hoppus and Joel Madden are featured on the album. Ahhh, every closet emos dream!

Ship to Wreck - Florence and the Machine {Single}
Florence and the Machine never fails. It's not their best, but you know what? It still has poetic lyrics, powerful themes of spirituality and nature, and Florence's angelic voice. I am so excited for their new album so I can dance in the middle of a forest and enlighten my soul, like I usually do to Florence's music.

The Wolf - Mumford and Sons {Single}
Remember when Mumford and Sons blew up? It was so sudden. No one ever thought a folk banjo band would be on the radio. They really started a movement and they deserve credit for that. Well, they're back. They're music seems to be less raw and a bit more sped up compared to their last album. I'm hoping for some more acoustic songs, but hey. This song is a JAM and makes me wanna stare out the car window while thinking about all my life decisions.