MARIA ELENA: Life Update ♡

I never really did a 'life update' before. However, I want to have the best relationship with my readers and share what's been going on in my life. Alas, here is a brief update on my life and what I have in store for all of you.

  • I've been learning how to speak Spanish! (with the help of my favorite app Dualingo, books, and Spanish speaking people.) It's such a beautiful language and damn, it's going to come in handy. I travel too much to only speak English and French.
  • I still haven't gotten Mario Party 10 yet, but wow, am I excited or what? Daisy deserves more screen time from what I've seen so far. Regardless, I can't wait. In terms of gaming, I'm still reliving Kingdom Hearts. Also, I'm always up for a round of Smash Bros. Slide into the DMs to get my friend code. 
  • My birthday is coming up! April 6th. I will be turning 19. Not that age really matters but I guess that is relevant to what's going on lately, right?
  • A lot of collaborations are also coming up. Excited to share with you everything from my Rocksbox collaboration to an upcoming interview with a certain musician. Coming soon to Pink Chanel Suit!
  • I'm trying to use my impact for good. I'm starting to realize how much I care about equality for all and bringing awareness to social issues. I don't have millions of followers, however, I do have some. I'm a living, existing human and I can spread the word. I really think it's important to respect and learn from other cultures, to never discriminate, and to love the world for what it is. 
  • I'm at a stalemate and I'm okay with it! I feel like a lot of people are confused about what I'm doing. "Are you going to school? Where are you working at? Hey, are you still dating that one guy? Wait, where do you live now?" I appreciate the concern, but I'm fine. These questions can come up when one goes through such sudden changes so fast. It angers me how people expect me to have everything sorted out at 19. No one EVER has everything sorted out regardless of age. So why expect that from me? However, I'm really happy with my life and good things are coming. So...BACK OFF, YO. (or you can stay pressed.)
  • California, here I come! I had a hard time figuring out where I wanted to go after high school. As many of you know, I decided to go to New York instead of Los Angeles. I loved New York with all of my heart but I have to follow my intuition and experience the whole wide world. So yeah, I'm going to LA! Nothing is set in stone yet, but I have a lot planned out.
  • I'm appreciating your love SO MUCH. A LOT. TONS. x1933593. You guys don't understand how much an email or instagram comment means to me. When you guys share your feedback on my creative content, it keeps me going and makes me feel more than alive. Eternally grateful for all of you.
That's really about it. Every day of life is an adventure. And I've been living that adventure, with ups and downs, obviously. I've been so many places doing so many different things - and I'm proud of myself for it. Looking forward to the future but always appreciating the past. XO