{I Got Interviewed for Perfect Peonies} ❀

Hey everybody! Just dropping by to let you all know I got interviewed by beauty blogger Nicola Da Rita of Perfect Peonies.  I loved answering the questions and I hope you enjoy reading. Here are my first five answers to the interview, and you can view it in full here. Enjoy lovelies!

Where were you born, what was your family like? 
I was born in a suburb 20 minutes outside of Cleveland, Ohio. The family member I have the fondest memories of is my grandma. Although she passed, we still have an amazing relationship. She loved me unconditionally and we had a SOUL connection that I will forever cherish.

 Where did you live growing up? 
I grew up in Ohio, and it was a lovely place to grow up. All four seasons beautifully unfolding every few months, neighborhoods were like family, and I felt like I could discover something new everyday. I'm very fond of my hometown, but I know I can't shine here. There's no where new to go and there's no one new to meet. I will always come back, but I can't stay here. 
As a child were you a girly girl or did you hate anything pink, or were you even a little of both?  
Honestly, that's hard to say. I was forced to play sports and hated it. I remember wearing pearl necklaces and lipstick to my softball games. Yet at the same time, I somehow ended up being the only girl at my day care. We would constantly play video games, Yugioh cards and wall ball - which I loved. They wouldn't let me play wall ball at first simply because I was a girl, yet they invited me to the team later on because I was a better catcher than all of them. That's right, guys. In all seriousness though, I got along with both genders. I enjoyed rolling around in the mud and playing video games just as much as I did playing barbies and giving makeovers. Everyone was always asking me if I was a girly girl or a tomboy and I was just like, "I guess both? I'm me." Gender roles are a silly thing, which I now realize.

What is your daily makeup like? 
Usually I just keep it simple - a little bit of highlighter around my eyes and some mascara. And 1-2 times a week some lipstick!

What's your favorite skin care product? 
I love making homemade face masks with everything from coconut oil, to honey, to green tea. For daily use, I love Mary Kay's botanical line.