Choolaah Indian BBQ: A Culinary Experience

It’s quite common to get excited when a new restaurant opens up near by. Whether you live in the middle of nowhere or amongst millions in a huge city, a new restaurant opening up means new opportunities.

Choolaah Indian BBQ just recently opened in Northeast Ohio and is already taking the world by storm.

I usually have low expectations whenever a new restaurant opens up. All I really consider is the quality of the food and the service. I mean, it takes time to build a business, financially AND aesthetically. Yet when I first walked into Choolaah, I was shocked it was the only one of it’s kind. Like Chipotle or Panera - it seemed to have a very clear image. Trademark slogans and symbols. Nutrition information. Wide, clean open space. A very CLEAR menu with vegetarian and vegan options. Fast service. And of course: quality food and service.

Andrew took this photo! (instagram: @arflip) And every other photo. ;P
Fast casual eateries are growing rapidly. People want quality food fast. They want to be able to customize it and they want to know what they are consuming. You can sit down and eat, have a business meeting, or do what you need to do without tipping or worrying about pricy menu options.

I had indian food a few times, but I never really fully immersed myself in it due to fear. I’m really happy Choolaah is introducing a new food experience for thousands of individuals like myself.

I got the chickpea masala and samosas with the Choolaah fire hot sauce. The chickpea masala is perfect for vegetarians looking to try something simple yet savory. The bowl was filling for my stomach but didn’t take much out of my wallet. It starts with basmati rice topped with delicious chickpeas smothered in a zesty gravy.

And don’t even get me started with the samosas. They were the BEST SAMOSAS I ever had. So crispy yet so soft on the inside. The hot sauce was intense and rich, tasting like hot peppers and curry went through cell fusion just to make this piquant sauce.

I am really satisfied with my Choolaah Indian BBQ experience. I know they are planning on opening other locations in the future, and I am VERY thrilled for their future and to see them thrive. Find out more about them here!