I can't even tell you how many fictional characters and public figures I would love to meet. I admire so many of them, as many people do, BUT... would I be compatible with them? Would we be eligible as best friends? For example, as much as I love Rachel Berry (Glee), we would bump heads too often due to our "star" attitude. And as much as I love Sora (Kingdom Hearts), our worlds are CLEARLY separate and he has too much on his hands to worry about being friends with me anyways. He is the keyblade master after all. These are things to think about when making a BFF wish list. Anyways, here's mine.

1. Leonard Hofstadter - Ever since I started watching The Big Bang Theory, Leonard was my favorite character. I just had a soft spot for him. He's open minded, constantly gets everyone thai food, is obsessed with Halo night, and is a really talented physicist. OH - plus he puts up with Sheldon, which is basically impossible. My dream is to go to San Diego Comic Con with Leonard and then end our night playing video games and eating thai food. Then we can talk about his relationship problems without Sheldon bringing up science and Howard bringing up weird sexual stuff. I hope Penny and Raj stop by. Wait, this isn't happening...never mind.

2. Titus Andromedon - Let's face it, Titus wouldn't be a good friend in terms of helping you out when you're sad and buying you soup when you're sick. Some may even say he's self-centered. However, I would love to spend endless hours spilling the tea with Titus. He's shady in the most ruthless way and I need more people like that in my life. He tells you when you look bad and he tells you when you're dating someone crazy. He's honest and hilarious and he's TITUS. Titus, we may both be poor, but we still slay at life.

3. Lorde aka ELLA - I can see it now. Midnight bonfire, orange juice in our hands. Talking about all the big subjects in life while the wind caresses our long locks of hair. Then the night will end in us collaborating. The song will probably be called "Queendom," or something. Whatever.

4. Miley Cyrus - I'm not even kidding when I say this. If I could party with anyone, it would be Milez. She is my ride or die, no matter what. I've always loved Miley regardless of all the scandals and rumors. Basically, Miley is the baddest bitch in the game. She's been killing it before she even turned 13, and now all I want to do is party with her all the time. WHAT HAS MILEY CYRUS DONE TO ME? Everything. She has done everything to me.

5. Tom AND Donna - Okay. Tom and Donna are amazing on their own. Yet as a trio, OH, would we shine. I'm just trying to imagine - we would make amazing business deals together, we would treat ourselves on a 24/7 basis, and make fun of Ron all the time. Did I mention Whine and Cheese club would take place twice a week? Exactly. Tom and Donna, please enter my life.

6. Everyone at Hogwarts - I was thinking about every Harry Potter character, and I couldn't choose just one. If you go to Hogwarts, you are automatically a better person than me and everyone I know that doesn't attend Hogwarts. Basically, I love them all. ATTENTION: If you go to Hogwarts and want to be my friend, just let me know. Send me an owl or something. I don't care if you're a terrible person. Hell, I don't even care if you're a Hufflepuff. I know I'm in the "muggle" world, but I won't tell anyone if you reach out to me.