An Ode to Every Buffalo Sauce Ever

I love buffalo sauce SO much. I mean, I love sriracha, hot sauce, tabasco sauce, chipotle sauce, and so on. Spicy sauces are necessary for my palate to be happy. Although I'm not big on fast food, I decided to review all the buffalo sauces from the most famous fast food chains considering I grew up devouring buffalo sauce and I feel I'm basically an expert on it now. Not that that really matters in terms of anything, but here ya go. Knock yourself out.

The aroma pinches my nose and makes my mouth start to water. When Arby's buffalo sauce first met my taste buds, they were very happy. Cayenne red pepper is the prominent ingredient in their sauce - the taste is quite basic yet basic in the way you want it to be. It's the perfect amount of spicy with a HINT of sweetness. It's not crazy impressive, but hey, I would still dip pretty much anything in it. If you are looking for a buffalo sauce similar to your typical hot sauce taste, this is the one for you. 8/10.

Burger King:
Burger King's buffalo sauce was my first, so I'll always have a special place for it. I love pairing it with their onion rings, but still. The ingredients on the packet are size 6 font because there's so many. The simpler the buffalo sauce, the better. It's creamy instead of liquid, and it seems like there is more dairy ingredients than peppery ingredients. Don't get my wrong, it's an amazing tasting sauce. However, I think it qualifys as buffalo sauce. Perhaps a chipotle sauce. NEXT. 6/10.

Hellooooo beautiful. If you are buffalo sauce obsessed, chances want a sauce that's actually spicy. Chickfila challenges all of us spicy food lovers with a sauce that makes you regret eating it out of the packet..yet you never quite learn your lesson cause it's THAT good. I love dipping their waffle fries in the sauce, they compliment each other perfectly. Chickfila and Arby's buffalo sauce is very similar, but Chickfila wins the race due to being a bit more spicier and tangier. 10/10.

I would never go to Mcdonalds, so why even bother trying their sauce? Mcdonalds marketing team keeps on changing their vision. Have you seen the commercials lately? Pretending they make everyone happy, pretending they offer healthy options, pretending they are a local cafe. MAKE UP YOUR MIND! Anyways...I can't actually eat here cause they offer no vegetarian options. Oddly enough, even their fries have beef in it. Their buffalo sauce is actually quite unique, spicy yet savory. Maybe they added beef powder and beaver anus flavoring to it. Hm. 4/10.

While all the other buffalo sauces are a shade of orange, Popeyes buffalo sauce is a shade of red with perhaps an orange tint. It's as liquid as could be, and is made of 85% hot sauce. (that is not a confirmed number, just by observation) The taste is oddly bland, though. It could be because the options Popeyes offer is already full of spicy flavoring, but hey, what do I know? I expected it to be flavorful, therefore it doesn't interest me. 5/10.

Although it's called buffalo RANCH, I decided to give it some spotlight anyways. This used to be one of my favorite sauces. Ranch is good but it can be too banal. Buffalo sauce is good as well, but it can overtake the flavor of what you're actually eating. Buffalo ranch is unique for a fast food chain! However, they changed the recipe up a bit lately and it has this weird celery taste due to the celery seed they added. Also, it would be awesome if they made it maybe a bit less ranchy? 7/10.