Age of Adaline - A Review

I got the opportunity to see an advanced screening of Age of Adaline, coming out in theaters on April 24, 2015.

As the trailer states, it's about a woman named Adaline who doesn't age, which obviously causes complications in her life. 

The cinematography, fashion & hair is what caught me while watching Age of Adeline. It's not something I primarily pay attention to while watching a film but wow, it was stunning. The saturation was pulled down just a TAD, however there was a light sepia hue over most of the scenes which kept the warm feeling going.

Blake Lively is beautiful, we all know that. However, I just wanna give a shout out to the hair/makeup crew and the costume designer(s). They captured every era with such grace and I envied Blake's hair the entire way through. I may have to make a Pinterest board dedicated to it. 

The movie felt long yet went too fast. I know that's a rather contradictory statement, but let me explain. The relationships in the film and Adaline's history progressed within minutes. Yet at the same time, certain scenes took much more time than they actually needed to, causing the film to feel slow. 

Metaphorically and symbolically speaking, I felt the film lacked consistency. There was a narrator that spoke from a scientific standpoint, and I wasn't sure how accurate the facts were. Then, the characters would speak in such a meaningful way throwing out 2 metaphors a sentence, and later progress into 80s teen film cheesy-ness. I like to leave a film learning something and I just felt at a loss for words.

Michiel Hussman's performance did not impress me. He was acting like a creepy rapist, to be quite honest. I felt uncomfortable watching him. He was no where near romantic and I had NO idea how him and Adaline's (Lively) relationship formed. There was some confusion there. Not to mention, there was some weird familial relationships that made me even more uncomfortable. I don't wanna give it away...but you'll see.

But enough about all that. The film has an interesting concept to it: a woman that never ages. There's a lot of ways you can go with this. I like the general concept of the film and the general meaning of the film, however I don't think it came across the right away, which is kind of the point of film-making. It teaches us all that aging is a GOOD thing - which is something a lot of people need to realize. But I just feel like I didn't get much from this film. I wouldn't watch it again, unless I was trying to get hair inspiration. 5/10.