{Wrap.Me} In Instagram Photos

When it came to giving gifts, I never thought much about the wrapping paper. I usually just use whatever is lying around the house. And if there wasn't any wrapping paper, I would just use magazines or newspaper. However, wrap.me changes things a bit.

Wrap.me is an innovative way to make your own custom wrapping paper out of your Instagram or Facebook photos. You can even use photos on your computer. Now, anyone can be an expert at gift giving. It's really quite simple. You are sure to stand out and make someones day when they see their gift is wrapped in amazing custom pictures, am I right? I mean, what the heck, even coal would look good in custom wrapping paper.

When I received my complimentary wrapping paper from Wrap.me, I instantly began obsessing over it. Seeing so many memories (30 photos to be exact) on a sheet of wrapping paper made me so happy. It's so pretty I barely wanna use it to actually wrap gifts, I think I might make an art project out of it or something!

Click here to find out more about wrap.me and create your own wrapping paper.