The Stephen Chbosky Tweet That Changed Everything

I don't have twitter anymore, for various reasons. However, I do remember certain moments and tweets from when I actually was an active user for on twitter. There was this one tweet by Stephen Chbosky, the author of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, that really stuck with me. Although it was tweeted a few years ago, I still remember it so clearly. What was that quote, you ask?
"You never need to say you are an aspiring artist. You're not aspiring. You're creating right now."
When I saw it for the first time, I was a high school student.
I loved writing, blogging, theatre, acting, singing, dancing, painting, fashion, producing, cinematography and so much more. I was always creating art but I felt unsuccessful and quite melancholic a lot of the time. I was always positive when creating art, but I just felt like I wasn't getting enough recognition. I was getting artistically rejected a lot too, which didn't do much to help my self esteem. I was putting a lot of work in, but it seems like I was falling behind everyone else.

"Will I ever truly be an artist?" I would say. "I mean, if no one really cares about my art then maybe I'm not truly an artist." That's where I was wrong. I was letting my demons get to me too fast, but I recovered quickly.

I'm glad I stuck with my intuition  with my soul. I've been creating art my entire life, with or without an audience. In todays society, we're all about followers, likes, comments and reblogs. It can seem like no one cares or like you're not good enough.

Making it as an artist is hard enough, am I right? Rejection is our middle name and failure is a close friend of ours. But last time I checked, creating art isn't about fame, approval or success. Creating art is for YOU - and if helps someone out, that's a huge plus.

This post goes out to my fellow artists. Maybe you have hundreds of sketchbooks that have never seen the light of day. Maybe you take photos like it's your job, but you haven't gotten a cent for your work. Maybe you want to be on stage or behind the camera, but you keep getting rejected. Maybe you write and write until your fingers hurt, but no one cares to read.

Keep doing you. Keep creating. Keep being an artist. Just because one person has more fame than you doesn't mean they are any more of an artist than you are. In fact, a lot of people sell themselves out to get fame. It's important to realize that you are what you are. You are created as you are. And you have a purpose.

Create art, even when no one is watching. Remember that.