The Library and I: A Love Affair

Reading has never really been the same for me since Harry Potter ended. I still love a good book, but now I seem to go for non-fiction, biographies, comics, and poetry. Why? Well..I just know that no fiction book will ever compare to Harry Potter. I've tried SO hard. I always would laugh when people said things like:
  • There will be another book like Harry Potter, sooner or later.
  • I mean look at Star Wars and Lord of the Rings! They were the Harry Potters of their time.
  • Twilight and The Hunger Games were huge, just like Harry Potter. See?
It's not about how successful the series is. It's not about the movie adaptions of it. It's not about the cosplays and the fan accounts. It's about what Harry Potter MEANT for so many people. Harry Potter is Harry Potter. That's really it. Zip. Nada. Shhhh. That's it.

This post isn't even about Harry Potter. It's about my love affair with the library. 

From the mere age of preschool, to little moments in middle school, to teenage bike rides - I was there. Looking for a new book to get my hands on, working on my next project, organizing my planners, devouring poetry like it was my last meal. 

While the library isn't "necessary," it gave me a place to be growing up. My family couldn't afford to buy me books, films, CDs, etc - so I went to the library. If my friends and I didn't have a place to hangout, we'd go to the library. I remember riding my bike to the library even in high school.

Gosh, I remember feeling so free and so old fashioned, in a sense. I would put on my white "nurse" tennis shoes and my circle sunglasses and start riding my bike there under the sunshine. The town I lived in looked so classic, small, and friendly. I remember I took home Edgar Allan Poe's poetry, Ralph Waldo Emerson's essays, and a book about ancient mythology. GOSH, I sure loved that. Sorry, I'm having a moment.

That's not quite where it started though. I used to volunteer at the library from ages 9 to 11. I would work the summer reading program and I simply loved it. There's one day I remember so clearly.

I was wearing my favorite yellow headband I got from Claires. It REALLY hurt to wear, and man it gave me terrible headaches. But it made my strawberry brown hair look cute and matched one of my favorite outfits.

I had this floral white and yellow shirt that I would always wear with either jean shorts, white shorts, or plaid shorts. Regardless, I wore it constantly. I felt so beautiful. I would go to the library with my little book bag filled with the latest Harry Potter release, my flip phone, snacks, and maybe a few quarters so I could get something to eat across the street at the convenience store. That was my entire summer for years. Sleepover my grandmas house, eat my weight in hot cheetos, go to the library, read, listen to podcasts, and go to Harry Potter events. And let me tell you - I LOVED IT.

That's when my love affair with the library grew. I would help everyone with the summer reading program from toddlers to seniors. A lot of the times they would doubt I knew what I was doing, and when I look back on it, I was so young. But I knew exactly what to do, and some people saw that spark and passion in me. I appreciate this one woman so much. She was with her grandchildren and I could tell she really was thankful for what I was doing and she would always talk to me about my life. I really loved talking to her and it's amazing how I still remember that.

My mom was a teacher when I was growing up, and would constantly take me to the library just to go and get books, and sometimes go to those special events they would hold. I loved going to those. It was like Christmas all over again. Discovering and rediscovering characters and imagination was endless. That part of me is always with me.

Looking back at that little girl, I think about what she wanted to do and what she dreamed of. I know my 7 year old self would be so proud of me. That's something that makes me truly SO happy. Knowing that I stuck to my authenticity. That's something I will never be able to let go of.

Those worlds and universes I saw in my books were places I wanted to go. 
I wanted to be a princess, a writer, an actress, a detective, a teacher, a journalist. I wanted to eat good food, travel the world, fall in love with my other half. I wanted to be a teenager and deal with breakups, backstabbers, popularity and drama. I wanted to be a warrior, a witch, a vampire, a unicorn.
I wanted to go on adventures 
and collide with as many worlds as I possibly could.
I wanted to do everything and experience everything.

And..I did. And I still am. And I always will.

I would have visions as a little girl of my one true love. My other half. I dreamed of a guy who wore button up shirts and wore glasses. I dreamed of a guy that would take me to book shops and libraries and coffee shops. I dreamed of a guy who would spend hours conversing with me about everything.

And I really did find my other half, my one true love. We've been together for years and years and that's what I'm so thankful for and I KNOW little me would be so proud. (and quite impressed.) The only affair I'll ever have is an affair with the library.

Ah, another stream of consciousness post with constant rambling and no clear format. x