{Support the Artist} MY CD OBSESSION

I love CDs. I remember going to Walmart or Target the day my favorite artists would release albums. They would be between 10 to 20 dollars, but I would splurge all my birthday money on it anyways. The experience of holding a full album in my hand, going through the secret pictures and the new lyrics, staring at the track list in excitement, and carefully putting the CD into some type of CD player. Now that is a music experience. Seeing all the pictures and listening to all the music all at once, before it was leaked on the internet.

Looking back, I'm really happy I buy music from artists because it really supports them and it keeps art alive. It gives more artists jobs. Not just the person on the cover, but the hundreds (or maybe few) people behind the album.

The people working in music shops, the people working for radio, the people working for streaming services, the people working for studios, the people working for public relations for the artist, the graphic designers, the producers, the publicists, the hair and makeup crews, and SO much more. By buying an album, you are keeping a dying art alive. Not saying music is a dying art, it's alive and well. However, PHYSICAL music is a fading art and PURCHASING music is a fading art.

I'll be honest with you. I've illegally downloaded music before. However, that is when I was ignorant and didn't know the impact of what I was doing.

Did you know you don't actually have to buy music to support the artist? By listening to an artist on Spotify, you give them streaming points, which gives them MONEY and makes them chart higher. By watching their Youtube videos, you do the same exact thing. Same thing with listening to them on the radio. These are all completely free of charge, and they still support the artist. Even if I buy music from an artist, I'll still listen to them on Spotify or Youtube just to give them extra coins.

I understand not all of us can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on music each year. And believe me, I don't do that. I buy a couple of albums and a few singles a year that I really appreciate. (especially from independent artists). However, I'm constantly streaming artists on Spotify and Youtube because...why not? We all love music and Spotify basically has everything besides Taylor Swift - and hey, you probably bought her albums anyways.

I've been realizing my love for physical music lately. People still buy music on iTunes. The only time I do, is when I have a gift card. Don't get me wrong, iTunes is a brilliant way to purchase and share music, however, it's usually around the same price as the physical version and I prefer to actually have the music in my hands.

I've been realizing my obsession with CDs lately and my collection is slowly growing. This is an obsession I am 100% proud of!

Friday evening, Andrew and I went to one of our favorite exchange shops for old DVDs, video games, vinyls and CDs. They were selling a bunch of $1 CDs. I took advantage of this, obviously. They had A Little Bit Longer by the Jonas Brothers there for ONE DOLLAR! I remember buying that the day it came out. They also had METRO STATION for a dollar too. One of my favorite pop punk scene bands, duh. And can we talk about how they had Hilary Duffs' Metamorphosis for a dollar as well?

It was a really fun adventure. As much as I welcome new gaming systems and new forms of entertainment and technology, I always treasure the old ones, too. I'm afraid my future living room is going to have 10 gaming consoles because I love them all so much.

I've always dreamed of having an epic basement or living room with a HUGE entertainment center filled with my favorite CDs, DVDS, and video games. And I'm not going to let society stop me. I love physical manifestation of our souls, and I can't wait to express that one day. Until then, I'll be expanding my collection of lovely entertainment.