Sriracha2Go: The Best Invention EVER

Every now and then, there is an invention that changes everything. Some would say the automobile or the microwave. But the midst of the 2010's, Sriracha2Go was invented. Us hot sauce lovers have been struggling for years. Until NOW.

When ordering Sriracha2Go, you get an empty bottle with a keychain attached so you can fill it up with your favorite sriracha. And it's refillable, too, so's endless.

Just about a week ago, Andrew packed his entire HUGE sriracha bottle in his lunch just for a side of a rice. I've been to so many restaurants without sriracha. And I'm often on the road, too. Therefore, this is almost vital.

It's easy to put on your keychain, in your car, or in your purse. YAY FOR ENDLESS SRIRACHA ROAD TRIPS, right?!?! To order your bottle of Sriracha2Go, just go to their website here.