Something Creative: PR for Fashion

As a blogger and all around fashion lover, I'm deeply invested in the public relations and fashion world. A lot of my friends and colleagues are fashion designers looking to promote their brand. Social media and networking is always my go-to for promotion. However, celebrity placement and fashion magazines are the best way to go nowadays. It may seem either impossible or insanely expensive. 

Something Creative changes that. They have worked with huge fashion magazines such as Vogue. Now we're talking, eh? I thought I would share this will all of you considering I know tons of you are fashion designers and fashion bloggers. They operate as a "full service showroom, public relations and styling house, and open space for enlightened ones." Most public relations firms cost $1,500 - $5,000 a month, and Something Creative has a nominal fee of $500-$1000. It's clearly the most affordable option in the Los Angeles fashion market.

They offer so many services from basic public relations, to fashion videos, to design nouveau. Thought I would pass this on to the fashion lovers that read Pink Chanel Suit! All the attached photos are Something Creative's work. Wow, am I right? You can find out more about them or contact them here.