RED MY LIPS {Sexual Assault Awareness Month}

This is not about vanity. It's about visibility. 

April is sexual assault awareness month, so I'll be wearing red lipstick all month to raise awareness about something I believe needs to be heard: SEXUAL VIOLENCE.

So why would I wear red lipstick? It all stems from an organization called Red My Lips. Red My Lips is created by Danielle Tansino: social worker, activist and victim of sexual violence. The mission of Red My Lips is to "transform our culture of sexual violence by educating, inspiring, and mobilizing a global community to red their lips, raise their voices, and create real change." My kind of organization.

Women and men of all ages deal with sexual assault and rape on a daily basis but very few listen. It doesn't matter what they were wearing, if they were under the influence, if they flirted with the attacker,  what their sexual history is, or anything else. No one asks for rape. The only people that make rape happen is RAPISTS. Victims should not be blamed. Ever.

Wearing red lipstick the month of April fights the stereotypes and myths going on today in rape culture. Red lipstick is often paired with sexual attraction and typical "femme fatale" vibes. By wearing red lipstick, you are letting your mouth be seen. You are letting your voice be heard. You are fighting against the myths that haunt us daily. When someone is wearing red lipstick, it's one of the first things you notice. Their lips pop out. If you don't usually wear red lipstick, it's likely you can start conversations with your peers and raise even more awareness.

Red My Lips is open to everyone: men and women of all different races and ages. It doesn't matter if you have experienced sexual violence or not. However, together, we can raise awareness about the issues in society. To find out about what you can do this April, go to their site here.  Get your red lipstick out. Let's do this.