Marina and the Diamonds - FROOT {REVIEW}

Today, Marina Diamondis released a new album, FROOT. We've been anticipating new music from Marina for a long time now, so we have the right to have pretty high expectations, right?

We all fell in love with Marina when a gif of her dancing with her head in a TV exploded on tumblr. "TV taught me how to feel / now real life has no appeal." Remember those lyrics being everywhere? The Family Jewels was an album full of lyrical bops and innovative pop music. Then, when Electra Heart was released, I'm pretty sure we were beyond impressed by how artistic this woman is.

Now, FROOT is here. So...let's get started. FROOT isn't anything near bad. I think it's a consistent album with authentic lyrics and beautiful vocals. I'm not the first to say it's a great transition from Electra Heart and we all wanted that Marina Charm in a whole new way. However, something was missing. At first, I couldn't figure out what it was.

Then, I realized. The album lacked the highs and the lows she normally delivers. It seems like the entire album is one song, and in that sense - it's very boring. It wasn't as theatrical as Electra Heart and it didn't give you the sense of mixed emotions that Family Jewels did. You can't exactly dance to it, yet you can't listen to it while writing a paper either. I'm not hating on it but I'm not loving on it.

Sonically, Marina always stays true to her sound, which is one of the reasons I love her. Visually, Marina seems to lose sight of where she wants to go with things. The archetypes ended as soon as they began in the Electra Heart era. At the beginning of the FROOT era, she started off with 'the froot of the month.' Her music, photoshoots, and music videos started off with the frooty space goddess vibe she wanted to convey, and it ended very messy. Marina even said it herself: she's the laziest ambitious person she knows.

I was kind of not having it with Marina for the past two years. But I will say, when she released the track list for FROOT, I was rather impressed. The titles seemed promising. Then 'Happy' and 'Froot' came out and I was literally AMAZED. 'Froot' was a perfect introduction to the album, and 'Happy?' First of all, it's one of the most beautiful songs she has ever created. It's simple yet powerful. It made me 'happy' to see Marina create a song like that.

Here are my recommend listens:

  • Happy - 10/10. Perfect for Spring. Will probably inspire you to do great things and fly into the sunset. The piano at the beginning is to die for and her voice is ethereal. 
  • Solitaire - 7/10. If Teen Idle and The Outsider had a baby, this would be it. Her vocals are pristine in this and the production sounds like the introduction to a heavenly video game. 
  • Blue - 9/10. An easily relatable song perfect for those drives with the windows down and the wind in your hair. This is radio worthy.
  • Savages - 6/10. Marina always has a song relating to how disgusting humans are. She's secretly a social justice blogger, I think. I personally don't like this song too much, but I'm sure many will love it and find it interesting. 
  • Can't Pin Me Down - 7.5/10. Marina's song to the haters, her ex lovers, and the media. It's pretty clear now she doesn't wanna be compared or labeled anymore. I think this song is really expressive for her and I'm all for expression. I can see this playing in H&M now...
This album is a fresh, clean slate for Marina. You can tell she made it for herself, not for her fans or for her image. Not for a top 40 hit. Maybe it's not what I expected, or what you expected. But that doesn't mean we should disregard her entire music career. Although I'm not putting FROOT on my iPod, I'm looking forward to her future as an artist.