Kingdom Hearts 3: ANTICIPATION and Potential Worlds

For the past few days, Andrew and I have been revisiting the Kingdom Hearts games for the PS2. A truly innovative, timeless game that in my opinion, can never get old. Just like Disney - it doesn't matter what type of animation is used or how the graphics will always remain a classic.

It's been YEARS since a new game has been released. While many are aimlessly waiting in anticipation, I am okay with the fact it's taken so much time because I know the people behind it will make it beautiful and worth the wait.

I've been thinking about Kingdom Hearts 3. Will it make me cry my eyes out? Probably. Will Sora and Kairi finally admit their love for each other? Hopefully. Will it include awesome worlds? Let's hope so, right?

There's been constant talk about what worlds will be included in Kingdom Hearts 3. No matter what people are saying, I just really hope it stays true to it's integrity.

I hope they choose Disney movies that:

1. Are classics.
2. Are timeless.
3. Have an actual good storyline that can be adapted into video game form.
4. Fit in with Kingdom Hearts animation and theme.
5. Are actually DISNEY, not just something Disney owns. (like Marvel or Star Wars)

In Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, they covered some obvious classics. But before they get to Brave and Tangled, (if they even do) let's get down to business to defeat the huns. Just kidding, they already did Mulan. But seriously...let's get down to business.

Here's worlds I think are necessary in Kingdom Hearts 3.

1. Pocahontas. I don't know why they haven't done a Pocahontas world yet. Potential reasons: There may be racial and political issues. Maybe there's not really a boss that could be defeated. Maybe there's not a clear GOOD and a clear EVIL. However, Pocahontas is a classic Disney movie that taught me a lot. It's all about compassion, helping people find their heart and soul, traveling to new places and overcoming hate. Which is kind of what Kingdom Hearts is all about so...with all the time and effort put into this new game, I'm sure they could come up with something.

2. Toy Story. This seems like an obvious choice. There are so many ways they could go with this. There are three solid movies they can gain inspiration from. There are so many characters. So many potential bosses. So many possible challenges. GOSH, the thought of it excites me. Toy Story is a classic Disney film that went on for a decade, therefore, many generations can relate to it. Not sure if Sora's companion would be Woody or Buzz. Regardless, They HAVE to do a Toy Story world. To infinity and beyond.

3. Frozen. I'm really not a HUGE Frozen fan, to be honest with you. But a whole lot of other people are. If they don't do it, I'll be okay with it because 1. it might've been too late and 2. there are tons of other movies that they could do. However, there's a lot they can do with this. It would definitely be a change of scenery due to all the snow. The animation isn't 'classic disney' so it may be hard to adapt to, yet I think I'm okay with that. Frozen has gain so much popularity and it would draw a lot of new people to the game.

4. Finding Nemo. Listen, I don't think Finding Nemo is a NECESSARY world, but I sure would love it. I loved Little Mermaid world simply because it was underwater, and Finding Nemo would have that concept as well. I can see it now: swimming through the ocean with Marlin trying to find Nemo. Battling sharks, avoiding Jellyfish, and riding on turtles. Visually appealing and super adventurous.

Basically, I wanna see movies like Lion King and Mulan being brought back mixed in with some new Disney movies that are actually...Disney-esque. I don't wanna see them introducing Wreck It Ralph and Star Wars because that just doesn't give off the Disney aesthetic. People have been saying things like, "Oh that would be so badass to defeat Darth Vader!" And I think, "Don't they have like 500 Star Wars games? Let those battles stay in those games."

There are going to be worlds we love and worlds we hate, it depends on the person. For example, I dread the Alice In Wonderland world simply because I've never particularly connected with the storyline, setting or characters. I really trust that it will turn out amazing no matter what and true to it's integrity. I am shaking with excitement at the thought of it.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay:

It's really hard to imagine what it will be like. The last of the saga...I mean, it could be anything. I'm just talking potential ideas and all. I know no matter what, I will love it. What do you wanna see?