Childlike Wonder Forever

There is this popular belief that as you age, you lose curiosity, wonder, and joy. You turn cynical and more pessimistic. You don't enjoy things like you used to.

I am here to tell you this: that is not true. I said it once and I'll say it again, age does not define you.

A lot of people my age are in this weird in-between stage where we are forced into adulthood so suddenly. From my experiences, people react to this in four different ways.

1. They rebel. They party, they let immaturity rule their lives.
2. They stay too attached to the past. They are constantly posting #tbts of high school and missing 'the good old days.'
3. They adapt. They say, "Well, I'm an adult now." Suddenly they seem like a different person than they were a year ago.

and my favorite,
4. They don't pay attention to the social norms. Instead, they continue being themselves, regardless of age.
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I am always reminded of my eternal enthusiasm  I jump for joy when the seasons change. I really savor each bite of what I eat. I immerse myself into every experience. The little things in life may excite a child because it's there first time experiencing it or because they don't have many "worries" in life.

But the little things in life excite me each and every day. Every morning I am swept off my feet by life and open to all new adventures. Each and every new day has potential to be the best day ever.

Last night, Andrew and I played video games until the AM. We were playing hide and seek and "land" marco polo. We then were playing Concentration 64, followed by bursts of laughter. We were so excited to play these games just as we would be a decade ago.

'Childlike wonder' is something I will never let go. It's something that helps me survive. It's something we all have, but may let go of along the way. Don't let the world do that to you. Keep that eternal wonder in your pocket, and whenever you need it, reach for it.