{BOOK REVIEW} Devotions from the Garden

I'm a huge fan of books filled with inspirational poetry, quotes, scriptures, and devotions. I mean, not all of us have the time to read constantly, right? It's nice to just open up a book for a few minutes and get a little bit of inspiration for the day.

Devotions from the Garden is a really open-minded devotional book, taking metaphors from nature and empowerment from modern life.

223 pages of inspiration for the soulful. I love how there is beautiful HD pictures of flowers - the perfect way to brighten your day.

The author, Miriam Drennan, beautifully adds a touch of symbolism to each and every page. My favorite devotion is on page 216, titled "Growing as God Intended." Miriam talks about how as humans we are prone to follow misguided stereotypes although we are made uniquely. No one is youer than you. Devotions from the Garden may be more suited towards those with a love for gardening, but I love the metaphors. I'm all for spiritual inspiration. Devotions from the Garden will be out on March 31st on Amazon and your local bookstore.