ANTI TIDAL: From the Girl Who Buys Music

It seems like every article on the internet is talking about Tidal. Yet the articles are just your typical journalistic article featuring everything we already know. BORING. I am going to shade Tidal like no other and I don’t even care if my grammar is wrong or nobody is reading because this is truly one of the worst decisions pop culture has ever made.

To start, I was open minded to Tidal when I first heard about it. So, yes, I went into the conference with an open mind and heart. I didn't have any bias and I really respected the artists involved. THEN...I realized how truly POINTLESS Tidal is.

What is Tidal accomplishing? How is it so different from Spotify other than filthy rich artists are making even MORE money?

If they were giving proceeds of every stream to a charity or organization, for example, Black Lives Matter, I would be maybe a bit more satisfied. Nope, it mostly goes all to Jay Z. Oops.

It would be more revolutionary if they gave NEW, up and coming artists opportunities and promotion. Nah...they kind of just focus on the big shots.

Tidal is no where near revolutionary. People of power and success came together and signed a “declaration.” However, that doesn’t mean Tidal is making history.

Tidal is greedy and counterintuitive. I don’t care what the art form is, making money and getting any kind of recognition from art is HARD! I would love to make thousands of dollars daily from doing what I love and I would love to have thousands of huge fans. For the artists behind Tidal to neglect that, it’s just AJRHARIJIAOEJIAOJ making me angry.

I actually buy albums and I do stream music on Spotify as well. I go to your concerts. I buy your merch and your fragrances. I watch you on award shows and talk shows. LIKE, don’t even get me started. I have so many friends who are barely surviving off of minimum wage just to get a gig playing at a local coffee shop. I agree that a lot of artists aren’t fairly compensated for their work, and I am constantly financially supporting the arts. I buy CDS from artists I really love because they deserve it.

All of the individuals at the Tidal conference and on twitter were talking about how music makes the world go round and how artists shouldn't be looked at as products. Yes, music makes the world go round. It always has. Tidal doesn't affect that or make it better. And no, we never looked at you guys as products. Most people live for you guys. What. Is. HAPPENING.

I know some of the artists working with Tidal got their fame handed to them, but I know some of them had to actually hustle to get where they are at. Did they forget that? Did they forget about the time they had to work minimum wage just to survive? Are they forgetting that art is about creating, not profit? Are they FORGETTING the millions of people they've inspired?
Did you know Jay-Z makes $240,000 a DAY?!?! A day. That’s probably more than your annual salary.

No one should be excluded from their favorite artists. It's quite simple: not everyone can afford $20 dollars a month just to stream some Beyonce songs. I would much rather buy the album.

I just think this service is a terrible idea. If you want people to buy your albums: come out with better albums. People buy albums that mean something to them.

For example, people buy Taylor Swift’s albums because they KNOW they’re going to get a good record. For 1989, she had amazing packaging with exclusive polaroids and a chance to meet her / win prizes. Everyone wanted to show off their album on Instagram and Twitter. It was an EVENT that everyone wanted to be apart of. Taylor Swift's classic lyrics packaged into a super cute package? Yeah, people want that.

Swift knows her fans well. Maybe the founders of Tidal should think about their fans. What can your fans afford? What do your fans want? If you have millions of people appreciating you and financially supporting you, the least you could do is let them have access to your artistic endeavors that they LIVE for. Maria Elena, out. *drops mic*