6 Ways to Cleanse Your Soul

Lately, I've been thinking, "Damn, I need a soul cleanse." But does such a thing exist? I will argue, yes. Sometimes it's simple as making one decision. Sometimes it's a change of scenery. However - my mood has been so odd lately. I've been feeling trapped and nervous and stuck in the past. So, of course I'm gonna fix it and write a blog post about it.

Not everyone likes using ancient herbs and chanting to the sun. Not everyone is comfortable with going to church or temple. Not everyone wants to take on a juice cleanse. I mean, who says there is one way to cleanse your soul? Who says these things work for everyone?

There are easier ways to cleanse your soul. You don't have to do anything you're uncomfortable with. This is what I typically do!

1. Balance Out the Future & the Past
You've probably seen thousands of quotes regarding the future and the past. I mean, it's insane. They're in our childhood books and they lurk in 90% of social media bios. I've developed a strong opinion about the future, the past, and the present. Yes, you should live in the present. However, the future and the past still EXIST. It's unhealthy and unrealistic to act like they don't exist, am I right? You are allowed to dream and plan for the future. You are allowed to learn from the past and hold onto special past memories. In order to live in the present, you need to evenly balance out the future and the past.

2. Clean the Clutter Out
Over each and every year, we go through hundreds of "natural disasters." The debris from these disasters sometimes stay with us like chains. It makes each and every step more difficult, and it's harder to focus on what's really important. Oprah once said something along the lines, of "Don't keep people in your life that won't take you higher." Think about the people in your life right now. Are they serving you, are you serving them? Or are they kind of just...there? If there's no benefit for either of you, it's really just a t shirt that doesn't fit you anymore. Not to say that t shirt isn't awesome, but why have it take up space if you can't put it to use anymore?

3. Make a Big Decision
This may not be applicable to everyone, but here are some suggestions: Quit your job. Cut/dye your hair. Propose to the one you love. Break up with the one you thought you loved. Move somewhere else. Drop out of college. Transfer colleges. Make a diet change. Talk to the person you're afraid to talk to. Run for office. I don't know, just stand up for yourself. Maybe you don't have any big decisions to make at the moment. However, if you want to, DO IT. Your soul will be revitalized and you'll feel more like yourself. I've made so many HUGE decisions in my life so far and let me tell you, I'm so happy I did it.

4. Change Up Your Routine
I love routines. I've had the same "getting ready" routine basically my entire life. I'm not going to change that routine up because it's convenient and I've really learned to love it. You know how I spice up my routine up though? By deciding one day not to wear makeup, and maybe another day deciding to wear weird eyeshadow out of boredom and curiosity. By one day blow drying my hair and the other day just seeing how it air dries. It seems quite silly, actually. Take another route home. Try something different when you go out to eat. Things like this make life a bit more adventurous and it opens up more opportunities for us.

5. Analyze Yourself
Play psychologist with yourself. And if you can't analyze yourself, let me do it for you. It's quite a hobby of mine. Okay, in all seriousness: what do you want right now? What is your soul trying to tell you? Look for the signs. Pay attention. Just listen...if you're not listening, then you're not living.

6. Find Yourself (Again)
Just because you find yourself at one point doesn't mean your soul searching is all over. We have to keep going deeper and deeper. Things happen in life that can cause us to stop focusing on who we are. We can sometimes try to impress people. We sometimes try to change for people. Sometimes we go through stuff that makes us not want to do anything at all. To truly cleanse your soul, you have to find yourself again. Rid societal expectations and be that person you know you are. It's okay, you can get right back on track. You'll do great things.