10 Things You Need to Do to Pump Yourself Up For Spring

I love spring, as you probably already know. I am so ready for it's arrival and the site of grass and blue skies has made me ecstatic  Every year, I always pump myself up for spring and I can't wait to share with you some advice to get you ready for this lovely season. I love this post, it includes all my original photos and I'm so very proud of it! Here are 10 things you need to do to pump yourself up for spring. LET'S DO THIS!

1. Make a Playlist

Music can shape our mood. Music can rekindle memories. Music can make us feel. Because of this, music can embody certain seasons. Making a spring playlist is a great way to get yourself pumped up for spring! You are unleashing your creativity and inspiring yourself by making your own playlist. Add songs that remind you of spring. Whether it be a song that you played nonstop a few springs ago, or a song that reminds you of flowers blooming and blue skies. My favorite picks for a spring playlist are Noah and the Whale and Florence and the Machine. To view my spring playlist from 2013, click here!

2. Paint Your Nails Pastel

Pastels are the perfect way to say, "I'm ready for spring!" I don't paint my nails too often, so when I do, I know it's a pretty big deal. Clearly, the change of seasons is a big deal that we should all celebrate! Start off by painting your nails pastel with bright, soft colors. As you can see, I decided to paint my nails mint green to get ready for Spring. Other suggestions are pastel pink, lavender, & baby blue!

3. Make Essence Water

Jazz up your normal water by enhancing it with fruit and herbs! It's natural, it tastes super refreshing and it speeds up your metabolism. I literally lived on cucumber water last summer, but it doesn't always taste the best, am I right? So, let's do something that actually tastes good. My favorite kind of essence water is strawberry. Check out my simple recipe here.

4. Watch Disney Movies

Disney movies are a year-round thing, duh. However, they're all about love & hope. Spring is the perfect time to love, find hope, gain compassion and to revive. We are all done with hibernating in our rooms with sweatpants and netflix, so let's just watch disney movies with loved ones, dance around the living room to "I'll Make a Man Out of You," and let it inspire our souls. Mulan is always my favorite to watch, she's literally my idol. Not to mention, there are new Disney movies coming out soon. I'm looking forward to seeing Inside Out!

5. Plan Travels

Going cross country this summer? Or perhaps on a cruise? Plan, plan, and plan some more! Get yourself excited and give yourself something to look forward to. If you're not going on a huge vacation this year, plan a road trip to a national park, a local park, or an amusement park nearby. The internet is a great tool for planning travels. A lot of the time you don't even need to go far or spend money. Check event websites for your city / state to find festivals. There are always hundreds of them each and every year.

6. Avocado Toast & Green Tea

If you haven't tried avocado toast already, now is the time! Avocado season is in it's prime. While spring is beautiful, the sudden change in weather can cause sinus issues, allergies, and headaches. Yikes. Avocado toast and green tea are one of my signature meals, and it always makes me feel better when I'm a tad under the weather. It's a great way to start each and every beautiful day, trust me on this. My favorite way to make avocado toast is with a hint of lime and a whole lot of crushed red pepper. My favorite hot green tea: Yogi's green tea energy. With lemongrass and ginseng, it will taste like a cup full of sunsets. My favorite iced green teas: Steaz. It comes in a cute can with a bunch of flavors, such as blueberry pomegranate  Good for those who are new to the tea world! I also love Honest Tea's green tea with honey. It's organic and you can actually taste the green tea, for those who want the typical tea taste. Regardless, they're both perfect!

7. Try Something New With Your Hair

The picture above was taken two years ago in the bathroom stall of my high school. Ah, yes, the glory of taking a bathroom pass and just standing in the bathroom for 20 minutes doing nothing. It was the first time I tried the top bun and I felt so revived. I fell in love with it. Try something new with your hair! It doesn't have to be complicated. I mean, I'm terrible at doing hair. Try out a new bun, pigtails, a high pony, some type of fun braid. I added some blonde to my hair about a month ago which was a huge risk for me to take, and I plan on experimenting with hair chalk soon. Take a risk and try new things! Don't be boring ol' me who's had the same hair style for her entire life. ;)

8. Go On a Library Run

Get that library card out of your wallet, and revitalize yourself with some fresh new reads! I love just wandering around the library, looking at films, magazines and books. I recommend reading Paper Towns by John Green. The film comes out in June and I see it owning the box office. Other than that, I HIGHLY recommend any form of transcendentalist literature. Wordsworth, Thoreau, Emerson! All of the above. Their work is full of beautiful prose inspired by nature, that will inspire YOU to go out into nature. Also, keep up to date with your favorite blogs and magazines. (like pinkchanelsuit!)

9. Go On a Bike Ride

I love putting my ear plugs in, putting a nice iced drink in my cutely decorated basket, and going for a bike ride. Most of the time I'll just go around my block, but it's always nice to either 1.) go to a park or 2.) ride your bike somewhere! I love riding my bike to the local ice cream shop or the library. Enjoying the beauty of creation while getting exercise? Count me in. 


Get out the kites, the bubbles and the sidewalk chalk. Start up the grill. Blast your spring playlist. Go on walks and have picnics. Spring is here so EMBRACE IT, EVERYONE! I got out my disney princess bubbles and put on my favorite cardigan and went outside today. It was so sunny and so lovely. I'm blooming like a flower this spring, and you can do. So...LET'S DO THIS.