Why I Don't Have My 'Title' On My Business Cards

A few weeks ago, I was contemplating getting business cards. What did I want them to look like? What  did I want them to say? What kind of overall vibe did I want them to give off?

I knew this: it needed to have my name and contact information, but everything else was optional.
After browsing designs, fonts, and deciding what to put on my business cards, this is how they ended up turning out:

I got them off of vistaprint, which is an amazing site not only for business cards but invitations and such. They're always having some sale on cards and you can get a fair amount (100) for a fair price. (ten dollars)

After thinking about what to put on my business cards, I decided not to put a title. If I put one thing, I would be limiting myself too much. I don't fit under one label professionally or socially. And If I put too many things, it would look like a mess. Therefore...I went title-less. 

When I showed my mom my business cards, she said to me, "Well, what are you trying to advertise?" That's the thing. I'm advertising myself. And myself isn't one thing. Most of the time, when you give someone your business card, you talked to them beforehand. So they have a general idea of what you're giving them the business card for and what they would want to use you for. I don't go handing out business cards for no reason.

Basically, I'm constantly networking. I always have my business cards on me and if someone wants someone to create a video for them? I can do that. Need someone for public relations? I got it. Want me to collaborate with your brand? Sure, I'd love to. Need someone to act in your film? I'm up for it. Out of town for the week and need someone to watch your super cute dog? Okay, I can definitely do that.

There are tons of things I'm passionate about and I would never want to miss out on an opportunity because the title on my business card was not related to what the employer was looking for. I am a young freelance artist that works in many fields and I want my business card to reflect that.