Valentines Day Playlist ♡

If I were to make a playlist of all my favorite love songs, it would be a playlist with thousands of songs. So, yes, I missed a lot of songs with this playlist. I picked 60 optimistic love songs that many can relate to. Platonic love, self love, romantic love, eternal love, LOVE love. La la la love. From indie simple love songs, to 90's bops, to ballads full of depth, to jazzy romance, to teenage dreams. I hope my Valentine's playlist fills you with love.

You may be are single and proud. You may be single and hopeful.
Maybe you're talking to someone. You may want to be alone. Maybe you're so deeply in love that you're going to be with the same person forever. Maybe you have a little crush on someone. Maybe your relationship is falling apart. Maybe you're reflecting on a past love. Maybe you honestly don't care. What do I know about you? I just know you're worthy of love, and people love you. Trust yourself. Trust God. xo