Our Temporary Creative Space ♡

I feel like I'm always searching for peace and quiet; for a place I can freely create. Normally, when I can't find a place, I just look to nature. Nature's always there for me. Yet lately, it's been cold. The sun has been in hiding, the grass is no where to be found. I can barely go outside without going completely numb. I love winter and all it's hidden charm, but my spiritual nature side kind of hates it.

No matter where I go, I feel like I can't escape people and their constant distracting nature. Your house or my house? Out to eat or eat in? Move here, move there? There's always going to be a distraction.

I've learned to accept that, however, Andrew created this awesome little temporary creative space for us when we are in need. He literally created it in 15 minutes with a bunch of random things lying around in his basement. He took his childlike fort-making skills and artistic ability to make this awesome place.

It excites me so much! I mean, look, it's so cute. For writing, making music, talking, planning, or just relaxing. This is our temporary creative space. It isn't forever, and it isn't a masterpiece - but it's beautiful and will do for now.